Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Feel Good Story of the Day: Bullying Stops here!

Australian student Casey Heynes became the latest YouTube sensation—and unofficial anti-bullying PSA posterboy—when he was captured on video bodyslamming a bully that had hit him in the face.

The full story is HERE.

Do you think PEEWEE will bother anyone again? Especially someone twice his size?


Anonymous said...

My son had a kid in Jr. High that routinely teased him and tried to make his life miserable. Apparently, when my son had had enough, he shoved the kid--who was smaller than he was, incidentally--up against the wall and told him to leave him alone. I think the kid might have gotten his arm scraped up, but the only consequence that happened was that the kid left my son alone from then on.

Bullying is a complex issue, but our current approach to punish the kids who retaliate against it is probably not the best one. Bullies try to maintain status by picking on others; status that they can't hold onto when someone responds directly to their bullying.

Hey, Bos, you should add a clip from the movie "A Christmas Story," you know, the one where Ralphie beats up the bully?


carlo said...

I enjoyed this video so much, I've watched it 4 times.

Revolution 2010 said...

Great video with a GREAT MESSAGE!
I think THE PUNK might have gotten it.