Friday, November 5, 2010

What's a Pelosi to do?

I had been wondering since the Democratic Massacre on Tuesday, what might be in store for the Madame speaker. After giving this much thought I came up with the following suggestion.

I think Nancy has a future in Hollywood. I could envision her making a few B movies:

After winning the Rotten Tomato award for Worst Actress, She could run for Governor of California where she would win overwhelmingly by drawing at least 90% of the votes from the Baja Peninsula.

I could be wrong on this. What do you think. Any suggestions?


kelly said...

LOL, I think you nailed it.

phil said...


I agree. She is very popular on the Baja Peninsula

R and D said...

I'm sure she'll hang on in DC and continue to be as bizzare as ever.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff Bos!

You should write for Saturday Night Live.


Ann said...

Very funny!

Revolution 2010 said...

Nancy, "GO HOME"!