Friday, November 5, 2010

Huckabee Leads in AOL 2012 Poll (Romney, Palin, Gingrich within MOE)

I haven't seen the results of the new AOL Poll: Half Would Consider GOP Prez in 2012 posted anywhere yet. The PDF file has a pretty good breakdown of the internals. Page 11 gives the results of each of the candidates in each bracket.

The article has a couple fairly good images that sum up the results:


Granny T said...

I expect to see a civil discussion. I congratulate all of the top tier candidates on being so close. I'll assume that if there are an over abundance of negative comments that the one posting them is just desperately kneecapping the opposition because their own candidate is inferior.

kelly said...

It's clear that the top 4, are really the top 4. I think Pawlenty should thrown in the towell. He's beginning to look foolish.

BOSMAN said...

Welcome aboard Granny!

I'm looking forward to your posts. I know now, I'll have to watch what I say, about you know who!

Great showing by the top tier candidates. I guess that's why they're top tier!

Granny T said...

Thank you for inviting me. Every time I see negative campaigning; I assume the reason is because there isn't enough good things to say about the person they are trying to promote.

My sister refuses to vote for the candidate that goes negative first - solidifying the old saying, "He who slings mud loses ground." She is an Independent voter that has only declared a Party for two Illinois primary elections - once in her early voting years when she voted for her Democrat former government teacher that drilled "checks and balances" into his students. She declared again in 2008 so she could vote for Huckabee. She said she'll declare again IF he runs again - otherwise she'll wait until the General election to vote.

phil said...

I think it's going to come down to Huckabee and Romney. This is probably Palins best showing. The problem with her is not the primaries, but attracting moderates and independents in a general. It's clear the Huckabee and Romney are way ahead with those votes. Ginrich has to mutch baggage and will soon fade.

Anonymous said...

hi Granny T,

I used to enjoy your posts and comments over at ROS. You were the fair minded Huck supporter. I'm glad you're over here now. This is a better site, As Bosman says, NO BAN ZONE!

It looks like it may come down to your guy or mine. I don't think Palin will run.

Romney / DeMint in 2012!


Ann said...

Huckabee would be my second choice if Romney doesn't run.

Right Wingnut said...

Intersting data. Thanks.

Bill589 said...

When/if other candidates get the Palin treatment from the Dems and the LSM, her numbers will rise. When/if the GOP establishment ever stop attacking her too, her numbers will beat Obama’s.

If many independents still question Palin’s abilities, they don’t question Obama’s anymore - they know he has the ability to ‘transform America’ into something much less.

Anonymous said...

Granny T,

I don't question my candidates capabilities, I question the voters who support those who I view as inferior to my candidate.

That being said, we have the right to support whom ever you choose and the right to make arguments for those that we support and sometimes that means we need to point out the weaknesses of their opponents.

Revolution 2010 said...

Welcome Granny T

I agree with all the complements here. You are the most reasonable non-Rombot I know.

Looking forward to your Huckabee and other posts.