Friday, November 5, 2010

Fox News: Dissension Among The Troops?

The Daily Show with John Stewert. Stewert interviews Fox News Chris Wallace:

Here is Fox contributor Mort Kondracke:

Shepard Smith asks a NO! NO! Do I hear a little hostility in Palin's voice?


Right Wingnut said...

Kondracke is a liberal.

Shep video...nothing to see here...not sure what the controversy is. She talks to local media, everywhere she goes. CNN and others have been given a few minutes of her time here and there as well. The videos are on Palin.TV.

Wallace...I don't have time to watch, but despite being a Dem, he likes Palin. Whether or not he supports her for President is his business. I wasn't aware it was a prerequisite for working for Fox.

Romney has been hiding from the media ever since ObamaCare passed. Anyone without their head in the sand knows why.

Right Wingnut said...

Besides, I care more about what Michael Reagan thinks than any of those three.

kelly said...

I think you're right Bosman. I heard a little hostility in Palin's voice as if to say, How dare you ask me that.

Poor Chris Wallace looked extremely uncomfortable talking about Palin and her relationship at Fox.

Mort Konracke, I don't know much about him other than seeing him a lot on Fox panels. He really came out strong against Palin.

Maybe their days are numbered now at Fox?

BOSMAN said...


You're missing the point of the post. I was trying to show that not everyone is 100% comfortable with Palin and especially her position/relationship with Fox. Conflict of Interest? I don't know. Let the readers decide.

phil said...


It seems odd that this is all coming out now. I wonder what gives over at Fox. Maybe they're beginnibg to read some of the blogs showing that many of their viewers are not happy campers about their relationship with Palin, Huckabee, and Gingrich.

Anonymous said...

Palin says she "still talks to whomever she wants too and without the lame stream media filter."

Will she talk to the press in the event she becomes President?

Anonymous said...


I'm glad you're bringing all this Fox Stuff to light. What they're doing there is wrong and a conflict of interest.


Ann said...

Konracke is right.

Doug NYC GOP said...

Romney has been hiding from the media ever since ObamaCare passed. Anyone without their head in the sand knows why. -- RWN
What kind of dead fish are selling?

Romney's book/media tour beagn AFTER ObamaCare was passed. He was all over the media, taking hard questions from Chris Wallace and others, answering them and his poll numbers went up!

Get your facts straight buddy.

Right Wingnut said...

Doug, His book tour was a long time ago. If I recall, the Wallace interview did not go well....yes, I did watch it. I suspect his team made the decision to lay low for a while to avoid tough questions on his biggest vulnerability. Since, he's barely weighed in on the Arizona immigration law, expiring tax cuts, and a whole host of important issues. I know, I know....START Treaty....I'll give you that one. However, he should have taken to the airways to back up his op-ed, which I agreed with, by the way. I suspect he got some push-back from some in the "ruling class," and decided to, once again, lay low. Based on recent statements from his staff, they feel it's in Romney's best interest to let others do the dirty work. Only time will tell if that's a winning strategy.

Doug NYC GOP said...

Laying Low indicates being inactive, something Romney has not been.

Flying under the Radar or eschewing to join the Media Circus is another story. There have been plenty of Romney stories in the media everyday, as he campaigned for the GOP. Perhaps it wasn't headline news on the Fox/Palin/Gingrich Network, but he was out there. He has penned several op-eds on topics (Economy, Oil spill, etc) other than START.

True, he declined being part of the comedy calvacade which was played out this summer. For example he made a brief statement then opted not to try and outdo every wannabe with feigned outrage over the Mosque.

If his recent actions are a grand failure, so much better for the others. I for appreciate someone keeping their powder dry and waiting for the real campaign to begin.

Revolution 2010 said...

These videos are something. Somethings going on there that's making them touchy and getting under their skin