Thursday, November 4, 2010

Romney.....The Road to 2012

Hi All
I agree with a lot of the political posters that momentum in the early GOP primaries is extremely important. Romney's loss in Iowa in 2008 can hardly be minimized in considering the deflationary impact on his momentum and expectations and McCain's subsequent filling of the " vacuum "
Having said that, if we consider 2012 momentum, based upon the four early primaries, Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada, Tuesday's results are certainly positive augers for Romney's 2012 chances. After all, the incoming Governors in Iowa and South Carolina were both Romney stalwarts in 2008, he lives in New Hampshire much of the year and has a huge supporter in Brian Sandoval in Nevada. It is hard to see how Romney doesn't come out of these 4 primaries as the acknowledged 2012 leader, no matter what Fox would like. Even the recent polls are showing these likely results, even without the impact of the endorsement of these new Governors, Haley, Sandoval and Branstad and Mitt's current 20 + point polling lead in New Hampshire. After these early primaries, the momentum is all Mitt's. The only risk is to let expectations get too high so the MSM ( Which Fox News now trumpets is......Fox News ) doesn't play the shortfall to expectations with insight from " Campaign Carl "


BOSMAN said...

Great Post Craig,

I laughed when you said Campaign Carl. I had a joke going back then that he had some kind of deal going with McCain. He treated Romney with snarky commentary and Huckabee, not much better.
I used to take fits, when he would cover Romney.

As to Iowa and the early states, Romney, is a QUICK STUDY. Everything he's been doing since Obama's inauguration has been part of a plan. I'm 100% sure that he will have all the bases covered, this next time around.

kelly said...

Mitt Romney is not the type that doesn't learn from past mistakes.

Bill589 said...

I suppose Mitt has learned a lot over the past two years, working hard under the radar, in the background. He’s watched how Sarah has been taking the bulk of the flak, being out front, in the foreground, taking the fight to the enemy, leading.

Sarah’s unconventional ways may end up being the new conventional. This will be the new chapter in political science books, and Sarah is largely writing it. But, then again, I hear Mitt’s a really good reader.

craigs said...

Hi All
I find it fascinating how Fox News has transformed itself into the MSM without telling anybody. All of the biases of the old MSM are increasingly apparent on Fox including the tendency to exaggerate and distort. I guess it's all about viewer " eyeballs " but, as Yogi Berra once said " It's deja vu all over again " While Rupert Murdoch does his best imitation of WR Hearst ( sans Rosebud, the little red wagon) he has most of the potential main GOP candidates under contract. Fascinating. Thank God for Romney who is the only one who doesn't owe Rupert their income

kelly said...

To listen to Fox, you would think Palin won the elections, all by herself. Romney endorsed 3 times as many candidates than Palin and had 4 times almost 4 times the winners.

I find it strange that Palin supporters think this is OK, when Fox fails to mention this fact.

phil said...

I agree with others about Fox having a weird relationship with Palin, Gingrich, and Huckabee. How do you portray yourself as Fair and Ballances in stories related to 2012, when you have 3 horses in the race. Those videos on a newer blog here with FOX employees, show that some folks are not comfortable about this.

Anonymous said...


I'm glad you and Bosman are exposing Fox News for what the are, UN-fair and UN-balanced!


Ann said...

I've noticed that Fox favors certain Republican candidates for years. I to remember thinking that Carl Cameron was hoping to score points with McCain in hopes of being his press secretary.