Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Sean Bielat / Barney Frank Debate (10-11-10)

Most People that have read my blog know that 'BOSMAN' stands for Man From Boston. I've lived in the Boston Area All my life and have been involved in politics there for almost 40 years.

Lately I've been involved in the campaigns of Charlie Baker candidate for Governor, Jeff Perry and Sean Bielat for U.S. Congress.

Although Perry and Baker are within the Margin of error according to polls with Deval Patrick and Bill Keating, Sean Bielat has a higher hill to climb. IMHO, he is well on his way and in about the same place Scott Brown was before he was elected. Bielat's internal polling shows the race is tightening. In the end, it will come down to who's supporters are more enthused and who has the best get out the vote efforts. All 3 Republican candidates have been planning for this.

The following videos are a NECN Broadside sponsored debate that took place last night between Frank and Bielat:

Part 1: (Economic Recovery)

Part 2: (Social Security, Wars)

Part 3: (Massachusetts Ballot Questions)


Anonymous said...

I hope you're instincts are correct Bosman. A Bielat win, would be as big as Reid going down.


Anonymous said...

Frank needs to go away.


BOSMAN said...

I've seen Frank at several debates/meetings over the years. I've never seen him so flustered and nervous. It makes me wonder what his internal polls are showing.

Anonymous said...

Please, Please let Bwarney lose! The man is as close to a Bolshevik as you can get. They love him in Cambridge, MA. I wonder why?

Revolution 2010 said...

He Bos are you going to go on record as to who will win these races yet?