Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sarah Palin Takes the stage again


NEWSMAX will be broadcasting and interview with Sarah Palin today on her views of America's current state and where she feels we need to head.

Keep in mind, Palin doesn't do live off the cuff interviews. So I wouldn't expect this to be anymore than a staged event. similar to the fluff pieces we've all gotten used to see her doing on Fox News.

Kurt Nemo over at Infowars has a similar take on this event.

The following is a teaser of the interview. My guess is, they're going to stretch it out in snippets over a period of time:


Anonymous said...

Palin is a fraud. I'm sure she had the questions well in advance. We all know, she's incapable of doing live interviews. She better start if she has any plans of running. She won't be able to write notes on her hands in any live debates between candidates.


Anonymous said...

I agree John. Palin is all show and very little substance. Anyone can give an answer to a question if the have a chance to rehearse.


Martha said...

Calm down, Sarah. Don't get so excited. I know, you don't care for interviews, but please try to speak without all the drama.

She's still claiming ObamaCare will ration according to a person's level of productivity. Flat out lie that diminishes her argument.

And why, oh why does she mention Armageddon? Come on.

BOSMAN said...


Your post came out great!

BOSMAN said...

John & Cindy,

Palin has to do her homework and get past the talking points and Palinese.

Now is the time for her to move away from her protected environment. No one will remember her bad LIVE interviews if through PRACTICE, she gets better. Practice makes Perfect! Or so they say.

Anonymous said...

She should move to Hollywood. I could see her being successful in B movies.

Revolution 2010 said...

Thanks Bos. It feels good to break the ice. Thanks again for your help.