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Saturday, July 7, 2012

America’s Labor Market Depression Continues; Stagnation Nation

James Pethokoukis, columnist and blogger at the American Enterprise Institute has written a great piece to review & visualize today's BLS unemployment report. Beyond the raw data, charts & statistics is the waste of human capital caused by the Marxist/Socialist regime of Barack Obama. Only until he & his ideologies are extinguished, can the Nation rekindle economic growth & prosperity for all. The political & economic tyranny must end.

The comparisons to previous recoveries reveal this one does not even come close, with or without Obama's 'recovery' plan, with our less than 2% growth. Our country's malaise can be summed up in one sentence from Ludwig von Mises:
It is not capitalism which is responsible for the evils of permanent mass unemployment, but the policy which paralyses its working. ~Socialism
While Obama asks for more time, he only wants to further weaken the economy & dispirit the Nation. His time in office is coming due, he is responsible for his actions & policies that has brought nothing to the working people of the Nation. Only his friends & cronies have benefited from his regime's policies. Here are some excerpts & another graph from Pethokoukis: