Friday, July 3, 2015

Fast-Track Green Card Program Swells With New Interest

Islamic State Expands to Russia

Republican field Races to Catch Up to Bush Fundraising

Repairing the ObamaCare Wreckage

Ted Cruz on the Hugh Hewitt Show (Full interview 07-01-15)

Marco Rubio interview with Bret Baier (Full video 07-02-15)

Rick Perry talks Cuba, job creation and Donald Trump (Full interview on Fox News (Full interview 07-02-15)

Ted Cruz on the Sam Malone Show (Full interview 07-01-15)

Lindsey Graham meets with the Des Moines Register editorial board (Full auto-on video o7-01-15)

Rick Santorum talks National Security at APPSUSA forum in SC (Full Amateur Video 06-30-15)

George Pataki: Trump's Mexican remarks 'completely unacceptable' (Full interview with Martha MacCallum 07-01-15)