Wednesday, September 2, 2015

There's More Than A Little Jesse Ventura In Donald Trump

U.S. Taxpayers Bear Weight Of Anchor Babies

Antiabortion Group Beats Obamacare Contraception Rule In Court

Another ObamaCare Co-Op Bites The Dust, As Taxpayer Costs Mount

Ted Cruz with Sarah Palin on OAN (Full video 08-29-15)

John Kasich: We need to stop apologizing for being leader of world (Full interview 'On the Record' 08-31-15)

Scott Walker: Clinton put our national security at risk (Full interview 09-01-15)

Chris Christie interview with Jimmy Fallon (Full video 08-31-15)

George Pataki: Make things in America again (Full video on Fox Business 09-01-15)

Jeb Bush defends immigration plan after Trump goes on the attack (Full interview 09-01-15)

Joe Lieberman: 'Bad' Iran Deal Will Have Consequences for a Long Time to Come (Full interview with Charles Payne 09-01-15)