Thursday, November 27, 2014

ICE Guide to Avoiding Deportation in 5 Easy Steps

Egypt's President Al-Sisi: "We need to guarantee the security of Israelis, but, at the same time, we must give back hope to the Palestinians .."

Ukraine will hold NATO Vote as soon as Membership Criteria are Met

Control of Syrian Oil Fields Fuels the War between the Kurds and ISIS

Happy Thanksgiving and Another Day at Work

Uncut: Rand Paul on Ferguson, declaring 'war' on ISIS (Full video 11-26-14)

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

OBAMAmess's Three-Legged Stool Of Deception Regarding Employer Health Plans

The annual Meeting for Republican Governors an early 'dress rehearsal' for Potential 2016 Candidates

British Elite SAS Unit Carrying Out Secret Missions in Iraq against ISIS

Op-ed: Too Much PC ... NOT Enough Ranch Dressing

Kurdish Forces are Preparing a Sinjar Mountain Offensive

War against Ebola in West Africa remains a Tough Fight