Wednesday, October 22, 2014

REPORT: Obama is Considering Bringing Non-American Ebola Victims to the U.S. to be Treated

Hispanics are Down on This Year’s Midterms: Not Good News for Democrats

Op-ed: Ebola was October's Political Surprise ... Amnesty will be November's Reality

Pat Buchanan: What's Going to Kill Us First? Ebola or Political Correctness?

Ted Cruz: A GOP Led Congress in 2015 Will Pass a Serious Agenda, or Expose an Obstructionist Obama

Paul Ryan Debates Rob Zerban (D) in Wisconsin 1st Congressional District Second Debate (Full Video 10-20-14)

New Hampshire Senate Debate: Sen Jeanne Shaheen (D) and former Massachusetts Sen Scott Brown (Full Video 10-21-14)

Massachustts Gubernatorial Debate: Candidates Martha Coakley (D) and Charles Baker (R) (Full Video 10-21-14)

Kansas Gubernatorial Debate: Gov Sam Brownback (R) and challenger Paul Davis (D) (Full Video 10-21-14)

South Carolina Gubernatorial Debate: Gov Nikki Haley (R), State Senator Vincent Sheheen (D), Tom Ervin (I), Steve French (L), and Morgan Reeves (GP) (Full Video 10-21-14)