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UKR Seizes Tactical Initiative in Kharkiv Reg; RU Concentrates Efforts in Lyman, Pokrovsk Directions; UKR Holds Kanal’s West Bank in Chasiv Yar, Withdrawal Unlikely; UKR Looks to Encircle RUs in Hlyboke; Drone Attacks on RU Krasnodar Krai Damage Oil Depots, Comm Tower; Explosion Rocks Alushta-Crimea, LIVE UPDATES, DETAILS, and LOTS MORE

Ukrainian forces seize tactical initiative in Kharkiv region - Achilles Battalion commander
Achilles Battalion commander Yuriy Fedorenko says that the Ukrainian forces have a tactical initiative in the battles in the Kharkiv region and can develop it into a tactical success
He told this on Espreso TV.
"The Russian army is constantly conducting reverse attack and assault operations in the Kharkiv region. The main goal is to drive the Defense Forces out of the positions they have managed to recapture. The enemy is using all available weapons. In particular, attack drones, artillery and aircraft. The invaders are attacking the positions of Ukrainian defenders and all settlements on the border. Enemy aircraft are constantly using UAVs of various weights. The Russians are quite consciously attacking civilian targets with their KABs," said Fedorenko.
According to the serviceman, the Defense Forces have the prospect of tactical success in the battles in the Kharkiv region.
"I think the issue of enemy aircraft will be resolved in the near future. We have recently been authorized to use high-precision weapons on the territory of the Russian Federation. This has made significant changes to Russia's plans and actions. As a result, the occupiers are forced to move their forces and assets a little further away from the state border of Ukraine. However, one way or another, we reach them there as well. That is why the logistics of the Russian occupation forces to attack across the Ukrainian border has become longer. The longer the logistics are, the more we can detect and damage their assets and forces. Accordingly, there are all the prospects not only to say that the Defense Forces have seized the tactical initiative in the Kharkiv region, but also can have a tactical success on the battlefield," he added. --->READ MORE HERE
Russian army concentrates efforts in Lyman, Pokrovsk directions - Ukraine's General Staff
Since the beginning of the day on July 6, 83 firefights have taken place at the front. Russian forces are concentrating their efforts on the Lyman and Pokrovsk directions
This is stated in the General Staff's report as of 4:00 p.m.
Since the beginning of the day, the Russian army has been active along almost the entire frontline, concentrating its offensive efforts in the Lyman and Pokrovsk sectors. The number of combat engagements along the frontline has increased to 83, according to the General Staff.
The Kharkiv region suffers from systematic bombing by enemy aircraft. Today, Russian troops conducted a total of nine air strikes from Russia, dropping 13 guided bombs.
Frontline situation
In the Kharkiv sector, seven Russian attacks were repelled near Lyptsi, Hlyboke, and Vovchansk. The situation is under control.
In the Kupyansk sector, Russian troops stormed Ukrainian positions four times near Petropavlivka, Synkivka, and Stelmakhivka. Two firefights are ongoing in the vicinity of Petropavlivka and Stelmakhivka.
In the Lyman sector, the invading Russian army launched 13 attacks on Ukrainian positions near Nevske, Makiivka, Hrekivka, Terny, and Torske. Six of the engagements ended without success for the enemy, and seven are ongoing. Russian forces are most active in the vicinity of Makiivka and Nevske, accounting for over a third of all combat engagements.
In the Siversk sector, Russian forces made four attacks near Spirne and Vyimka. Ukrainian defenders repelled three attacks. A battle is currently taking place near Spirne. The situation is under control -->READ MORE HERE
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