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UKR Partisans Blow Up Railway Carrying N. Korean Weapons; RUs Suffer Heavy Losses Near Chasiv Yar, Fail to Advance; 155 Clashes at front P-Day, Most Intense in Pokrovsk Dir; What UKR's Partial Chasiv Yar Withdrawal Actually Means; RU is Gradually Losing Control Over Crimea, LIVE UPDATES, DETAILS, and LOTS MORE

Ukrainian partisans blow up railway carrying North Korean weapons:
Pro-Ukraine partisans claim they have blown up a railway line deep inside Russia that was being used to transport North Korean ammunition to the front line.
“Atesh agents managed to carry out a successful operation on the Trans-Siberian Railway near Yekaterinburg. As a result, the railway track along which North Korean ammunition was being delivered was blown up,” the group wrote on Telegram.
Along with the location of the attack, Atesh posted footage that appears to show an explosion destroying a section of the railway track.
The group are an underground movement operating inside Ukraine’s Russian-occupied territories, mostly Crimea, who spy on Russian military operations and carry out sabotage missions.
A spokesman for Atesh said one of their Russian agents carried out the sabotage. “He’s refused to be rewarded because he works for ideological reasons. His goal is to stop the criminal war waged by his country against Ukraine,” they told Kyiv Post.
It came as Vladimir Putin, the Russia president, met with Hungarian leader Viktor Orban for the first in a series of controversial peace talks on Friday over how to end the war in Ukraine.
The prime minister of Hungary arrived in Moscow after visiting Ukraine earlier this week and pledging to act as a go-between in ceasefire proposals. --->READ MORE HERE
Frontline report: Russians suffer heavy losses of troops and equipment near Chasiv Yar, fail to advance:
The current assault force on Chasiv Yar in Donetsk Oblast can only last for a few months before being exhausted and withdrawn from battle due to ill-prepared infantry, some with as little as a week and a half of training, and heavy losses of tanks and armored vehicles due to effective Ukrainian drone attacks.
Today, there are a lot of updates from the Bakhmut direction, Donetsk Oblast.
The most interesting updates come from the northern flank of Chasiv Yar. Here, the Russians intensified their assaults towards Kalynivka to directly attack the center of Chasiv Yar from the north.
However, the Ukrainians were readily awaiting these assaults, and so the Russians failed to advance and incurred losses so serious that they had to halt their attacks altogether and make an operational pause.
The Russian forces aim to establish control over Kalynivka to utilize the canal crossing for further assaults on Chasiv Yar. If the Russians effectively exploit this advance, they would avoid crossing the canal from the Kanal district. Instead, attacking the town center from the northern crossing near Kalynivka could prove more efficient.
Assault on Kalynivka village
The Russian assaults on Kalynivka were preceded by an intense artillery barrage, augmented by glide bomb strikes, resulting in the destruction of most of the village. With no buildings left to use as firing positions, Ukrainian fighters withdrew to more favorable positions west of the canal. Subsequently, Russian troops advanced along Lisova Street, reaching the canal crossing.
Destroying all buildings in eastern Kalynivka proved to be a double-edged sword for the Russians. The destruction eliminated any possibility of concealing and protecting their troops from Ukrainian artillery, tank, and drone strikes. As a result, Russian forces were forced to move across open areas, leading to their rapid destruction. --->READ MORE HERE
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