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Joe Biden’s Cynical Border Politics are Putting the US in Peril; Trump and Republicans Sound Alarm On ‘rapists’ and ‘murderers’ as Biden Announces Amnesty Program: ‘It’s by design’

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Joe Biden’s cynical border politics are putting the US in peril:
You knew the minute the words came out of Joe Biden’s mouth that his mass-amnesty announcement for illegal aliens was pure politics.
“Folks, I’m not interested in playing politics with the border or with immigration, he said.
“I’m interested in fixing it.”
As usual from this president, that’s the opposite of the truth.
All he has done from Day One is play politics with immigration, ever since he walked into the Oval Office and rescinded Donald Trump’s border-protection measures with the stroke of a pen: 94 executive actions in the first 100 days.
He killed Trump’s border wall and “Remain in Mexico” policy, stopped deportations and started secretly flying illegal aliens all over the country on charter flights in the middle of the night.
The Post reported at length on Biden’s secret flights into Westchester and the whited-out charter buses waiting at the airport to sprinkle illegal aliens around the tri-state area, night after night.
Democrats tried to blame Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for the influx of illegals breaking the New York City budget, but it was their own president who did it.
Now polls show that voter anger about unchecked illegal migration is killing Biden’s re-election prospects, and only after he has successfully installed upwards of 8 million illegal aliens, he’s trying to paper over his betrayal of the American people.
But instead of reinstating those successful Trump policies to belatedly “fix” the border, he offered up a half-baked faux crackdown a few weeks ago, and then promptly sweetened the deal with his DACA 2.0 policy to attract even more of the Third World to illegally cross the border and become a net burden on taxpayers. --->READ MORE HERE
Trump and Republicans sound alarm on ‘rapists’ and ‘murderers’ as Biden announces amnesty program: ‘It’s by design’:
Former President Donald Trump blasted President Biden’s just-announced “Parole in Place” plan to provide mass amnesty to more than 200,000 foreign nationals who entered the United States illegally as “innocent Americans are being beaten, raped, and murdered by Biden illegals.”
“Rachel Morin, a Maryland mother of 5, was heinously raped and murdered by an illegal released by Crooked Joe Biden. Biden released this monster into our country after he committed another brutal murder of a young woman in El Salvador,” Trump stated Tuesday.
“Laken Riley, a Georgia nursing student, was brutally murdered by a Biden illegal in February. Just last night, a Biden illegal was arrested in New York for violently raping a 13-year-old girl at knife-point in broad daylight.”
Victor Martinez-Hernandez, 23, allegedly killed Maryland mom Morin, 37, on a hiking trail in August 2023. Police finally nabbed him Friday in Oklahoma after matching his DNA to the crime scene.
Police cuffed Ecuadorean migrant Christian Geovanny Inga-Landi, 25, early Tuesday after sharp-eyed Queens locals spotted him in the neighborhood and held him until authorities arrived. He’s charged with raping and kidnapping a 13-year-old girl at Kissena Park.
“Even for Biden—who can’t find his way off a stage or string together a coherent sentence—this can’t be entirely blamed on sheer incompetence. It’s by design,” Trump added.
Trump campaign spokesman Karoline Leavitt said, “Biden doesn’t care about the American lives that will forever be destroyed by the illegal criminals he is importing; and Biden doesn’t care that law-abiding taxpayers, crushed by inflation, are forced to pay for free food, housing, and healthcare for illegals. Biden only cares about one thing — power — and that’s why he is giving mass amnesty and citizenship to hundreds of thousands of illegals who he knows will ultimately vote for him and the Open Border Democrat Party.” --->READ MORE HERE
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