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Videos Uncover Illegal Immigration Realities the Media Tries to Hide; ‘INSULTING’: Senate Republicans Say Biden Won’t Enforce Border Security Order

 Screenshot from Rep. Andy Biggs’ documentary, “Alien Invasion”
Videos Uncover Illegal Immigration Realities the Media Tries to Hide: The BorderLine
While The Heritage Foundation’s border and immigration center continues to shine a light on the disastrous and unprecedented realities of the border under President Joe Biden, the corporate national media simply avoids reporting stories that could give their audience the wrong (political) idea.
Their limited coverage on illegal immigration usually puts it in a positive light or is biased against law enforcement.
With no help from most big media brands, where can Americans turn for accurate information on the worst illegal immigration wave in U.S. history?
Analysts at Heritage publish informative articles and research papers, and you are now reading Issue 33 of my weekly column, The BorderLine. (Catch up on the other 32 to get up to speed on what is happening and on which Biden administration policies got us here.)
A picture is said to be worth a thousand words, so here are recommendations on what to watch for a crash course on the illegal immigration crisis.
Three videos, each about 30 minutes, will open your eyes.
Most recent is “Weapons of Mass Migration” from The Epoch Times. Presenter Joshua Philipp visits gaps in the U.S.-Mexico border, where illegal immigrants stream in daily, and downtown San Diego, where they are soon released into the U.S.
He also goes up the food chain to Panama, where United Nations entities funded by U.S. tax dollars and supported by the Biden administration facilitate illegal immigration to our southern border.
This documentary reveals how U.S. taxpayers are funding every link in the chain that encourages economic migration from the entire world, under the pretext of asylum claims.
A second good video is “Invasion on the Southern Border,” released by the Daily Wire in January. Host Ben Shapiro looks at how Biden undid former President Donald Trump’s policies that had brought illegal entry to record lows. As the Department of Homeland Security began mass releases of aliens into purely theoretical removal proceedings, the Border Patrol became a social service and travel agency.--->READ MORE HERE
Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images
‘INSULTING’: Senate Republicans Say Biden Won’t Enforce Border Security Order:
President Joe Biden’s upcoming executive order on the border is a political ploy to get more votes in the 2024 presidential election, Republican senators said at a press conference Tuesday morning.
Biden is expected to announce executive actions on Tuesday to address the southern border crisis, though his previous orders have promoted open borders and allowed more than 8 million illegal migrants to enter the country.
Biden had his entire presidency to secure the border, yet he waited to act until right before the election, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, said.
“When he signs this executive order,” Cruz said, “the only question anyone should ask is, ‘Why didn’t you do this in 2021? Why didn’t you do this in 2022? Why didn’t you do this in 2023? Why don’t you do this last month or the month before or the month before? How many dead bodies is enough?’”
Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, who hosted the press conference with Cruz, said he thinks Biden has no intention of enforcing the order issued just five months before the presidential election.
“He’s issued 94 executive orders since he’s been president of the United States,” he said. “But he’s waited until today to actually do what he calls effective action to the border. And my question to him is why did you wait until now, if you’re serious about doing it? The simple answer is he’s not serious about securing the border.”
“This is a political cover, and the American people will not be fooled,” Cornyn continued.
Throughout his presidency, Biden has demonstrated an unwillingness to enforce the law, Cornyn said.
“The numbers of people coming across have just been unprecedented, along with the drugs that have come across that have taken the lives of 108,000 Americans, including 71,000 due to fentanyl, the leading cause of death among 18- to 45-year-olds,” Cornyn said. “And then there’s the 400,000 unaccompanied children that have been placed with sponsors in the United States and simply lost by the Biden administration.” --->READ MORE HERE
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