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US to Send UKR Critical Patriot Defense System; RU Losses in Battle for Chasiv Yar are High; UKR Intel Shows Foreign Volunteers Destroying RU Troops Near Chasiv Yar; RU Stalled in Vovchansk; 2 RU Su-57s Damaged, 1 Zoopark Radar, 2 Tyulpan Mortars Destroyed, LIVE UPDATES and LOTS MORE

NY POST: US to send Ukraine critical – and rare – Patriot air defense system that could shake up war:
The US is expected to announce Thursday it will send Ukraine a second Patriot missile system, giving the country a vital air defense boost that its president, Volodymyr Zelensky, has said could drastically reduce the number of successful Russian strikes.
Two US officials confirmed to The Post that President Biden had approved the move, which will see the Pentagon donate a Patriot system that has been protecting NATO territory and US troops in Poland throughout Russia’s 28-month-old war on Ukraine.
The New York Times first reported on the expected transfer.
The powerful Patriot systems have been influential in keeping Ukraine in the fight by providing robust defense against incoming threats from the air, including missiles and aircraft. They have been particularly key in fending off attacks on Kyiv, helping Ukraine’s capital to remain standing amid the Russian onslaught.
The systems come on wheels, so Ukraine has been moving them throughout the country as needed to both protect key target areas and prevent Russian forces from locating and taking out the batteries.
In March, Ukrainian soldiers on the ground told The Post that their scarce supply means they must make difficult choices between protecting civilians in major cities or troops on the battlefield.
“With these additional air defenses, Ukraine would be better equipped to defend its cities and critical infrastructure and would gain greater flexibility to push Patriot batteries closer to the front lines to ambush Russian aircraft,” Foundation for Defense of Democracies’ Russia program deputy director John Hardie told The Post on Wednesday.
The Pentagon does not make public how many Patriots the US has in its arsenal due to their critical nature. However, one senior military official told the Times that the Army has deployed just 14 across the country and around the world. --->READ MORE HERE
Russian losses in battle for Chasiv Yar are high – UK Defence Intelligence:
UK Defence Intelligence has reported that Russia's Ground Forces (RGF) have conducted a limited breakthrough into the eastern suburbs of the town of Chasiv Yar (Donetsk Oblast), though their casualty rate is high.
Source: UK Defence Intelligence review dated 12 June on X (Twitter), as reported by European Pravda
Details: UK intelligence noted that the Russians have also likely taken control of the village of Ivanivske, located southeast of Chasiv Yar.
Fierce fighting has been reported in urban areas where Ukrainian forces are trying to stop the Russian advance.
Quote : "Russian forces likely remain on the east side of a canal that runs through the city which presents an obstacle to their advance.
It is highly likely that the RGF is employing a dismounted infantry approach to clearing the suburbs, and that the Russian casualty rate is high.
The UAF [Ukrainian Armed Forces] report an artillery-centric assault on the city with thermobaric munitions in use. Chasiv Yar is likely of value to Russia due to its strategic position on a plateau, as well as its historic use as a logistics hub for the UAF."
Background: --->READ MORE HERE
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