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UKR Repels 10 RU Assaults in Vovchansk; Int Legion Soldiers Deployed to Defend Chasiv Yar; RU Off Stalls in Kharkiv, Tactics Backfire; RU Soldier: UKR Almost Wiped Out His Entire Unit in Kharkiv; UKR Neptune Missiles Hit Oil Depot in Temryuk Dist RU; Fires at Oil Depots in Rostov Region, LIVE UPDATES, DETAILS, and LOTS MORE

General Staff: Ukrainian army repels 10 Russian assaults in Vovchansk in Kharkiv direction:
Ukrainian troops repelled 10 Russian assaults in Vovchansk. In total, there were 14 attacks in the Kharkiv direction near Vovchansk and one near Lyptsi, reported the General Staff.
The Ukrainian military has stabilized the frontline north and northeast of the Kharkiv region, where Russia launched a new ground offensive in May. Currently, heavy fighting is ongoing in and around Vovchansk and on the Lyptsi axis.
The number of combat engagements in the Kupiansk direction increased to 14 since the beginning of the day, General Staff informs.
According to the report, Ukrainian troops repelled nine Russian attacks near Synkivka. One Russian attack near Stepova Novoselivka was also unsuccessful. Combat continues near Pishchane, Berestove, and Stepova Novoselivka.
The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Oleksandr Syrskyi, said that in the Kupiansk direction, Russian troops are conducting offensives, trying to break through the defense of the Ukrainian army, and capture essential areas or settlements that impact the strength of the Ukrainian defense.
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Russia loses nearly 2,500 troops: Analyzing 1 month of Moscow’s new Kharkiv offensive --->READ MORE HERE
International Legion soldiers deployed to defend Chasiv Yar:
The International Legion, a special unit with foreigners serving in it, was involved in the defense of Chasiv Yar in Donbas.
The Defence Intelligence of Ukraine reported that their special unit was tasked with complicating the invaders’ advance.
“During the contact, the order is simple: do not allow the invaders to advance and kill everyone,” the Defense Intelligence said.
According to the video, the soldiers of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine are focused on eliminating enemy manpower and are conducting active combat operations in the area of Chasiv Yar.
The International Legion united volunteers from more than 50 countries who, after the full-scale invasion, came to the aid of Ukrainians and fought against Russian troops.
The International Legion unit started performing combat missions in March 2022.
It operates separately from the Ukrainian International Legion, under a different command structure, with different techniques, tactics, and procedures.
Chasiv Yar
The Russian military is constantly storming the positions of the Ukrainian Defense Forces with various types of weapons in the area of Chasiv Yar, Donetsk region.
In particular, the Russian invaders strike in this sector with thermobaric munitions and bombs.
Fighting is also almost constant near Klishchiyivka and Ivanivske, which are located near the town of Chasiv Yar in the Donetsk region. Russian invasion forces are trying to bypass the city from the south and northeast. --->READ MORE HERE
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