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These High School Classes Teach Boys to Hate Manhood: "Healthy Masculinity" is the Most Destructive School DEI Program You Never Heard of; Why Society Doesn’t Want You To Be Masculine

These High School Classes Teach Boys to Hate Manhood:
"Healthy Masculinity" is the most destructive school DEI program you never heard of
The ‘Healthy Masculinity Club’ at a Portland high school is described as a “place for guys to not be guys” while the ‘Healthy Masculinity’ class at Montpelier High School in Vermont indoctrinates boys on “how traditional concepts of masculinity have harmed women.”
The ‘Healthy Masculinity’ movement is a component of DEI, but it has attracted less attention and controversy than other ‘woke’ indoctrination programs that target ‘whiteness’ and teach racism or promote pornographic sexual identity programming. Nevertheless it may be even more destructive than all of the other high school DEI programs put together.
Much like ‘whiteness’ courses, the premise of https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1002/jclp.20105 is that there is something wrong with being a man. A Call to Men, for example, defines masculinity as a ‘Man Box’ in which men are “expected to be strong, successful, powerful, dominating, fearless, in control, and emotionless” that men have to “break out of” to end their ‘toxic masculinity’.
The Tucson Unified School District in Arizona promotes A Call to Men’s lesson materials that teach that all men and boys are complicit in violence against women and girls and that “the Man Box does not allow us to be fully human.” Vulnerable boys are programmed to repeat the cultlike mantra, “I was taught gender norms which means I can unlearn it and teach myself to be free.”
Such classes, for now mostly elective, analyze manhood through the Marxist model of power relations and come away with the conclusion that everything wrong with the world is due to men or ‘toxic masculinity’ and could be fixed by ‘unmanning’ men. It’s hard to think of a worse message to feed developing teenage boys, but that’s exactly what schools are doing.
‘Healthy Masculinity’ courses are part of the larger woke deconstruction of sex as a set of artificial constructs. To be a boy or a man, students are told, is not a natural biological phenomenon, but a set of artificial warped ideas about masculinity or ‘toxic masculinity’. And the goal of ‘Healthy Masculinity’ is to teach boys to unlearn those ideas and to stop being men.
According to ‘Healthy Masculinity’ course material, traditional heroic attributes such as ‘playing through the pain’, ‘controlling emotions’ and ‘seeking to control situations’ are toxic masculinity. While ‘healthy masculinity’ involved deconstructing societal gender norms and crying a lot. --->READ MORE HERE
Why Society Doesn’t Want You To Be Masculine:
This will be one of the most controversial articles I’m writing yet, however, you must understand why society shames masculinity and why they want you to be feminine.
If you really think about it, society has frame controlled you on how to live your life. It’s sad that I see so many men become wishy washy, indecisive and easily manipulated.
On one end, you have traditional masculinity, on the other end, you have toxic masculinity. Mental health must be addressed due to how many young boys being emotionally emasculated.
You watch the news and all you hear is how men are “rapists” and all of the hate crimes are due to men being too masculine. This is where I strongly disagree with society and why I wrote this article.
It’s time that I teach boys how to become men. And that starts out with you all understanding that you never want to cause harmful behaviour in your masculine traits.
In 2005, there was a study done where a psychiatrist Terry Kupers defined toxic masculinity as “the constellation of socially regressive male traits that serve to foster domination, the devaluation of women, and homophobia.”
Quite frankly, this is not masculine in the slightest, I’ll tell you why. First off, sexual attraction is responsible for sexual polarity, which means it does not devalue women, but it does the opposite.
Masculinity turns women on. The issue arises when you go overboard and you are induced with rage. That means to say, you never want too much anger in your masculine energy.
It’s okay to have feelings, however, young men are believing this stupid belief of “Boy’s don’t cry.” This is what causes passive aggression.
And let’s talk about hate crimes briefly. Why would you want to spread hate to anyone at all? Again, not masculine. Spreading hate to gay men or women is not masculine. Don’t do this crap. I don’t condone this toxic behaviour.
This is toxic masculinity and yes, masculinity can become toxic, but so can feminine energy. Both energies can be used immorally.
Masculinity when you go down to it is actually healthy when used with the right intentions. Traditional masculinity involves physical strength, self reliance, and it even involves showing compassion.
Feminists, culture, even mass media links having masculine traits as dangerous. But what’s wrong with being a little dangerous? There is nothing wrong with having an edge to your personality. --->READ MORE HERE
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