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Biden’s Condition Shocks Allies at G7 Summit, with One Saying It’s ‘worst he has ever been’; It’s Utterly Cruel to America — and to Joe Biden — To Let Him Run in This State

Biden’s condition shocks allies at G7 summit, with one saying it’s ‘worst he has ever been’: report
President Biden has been “losing focus” during discussions at this week’s G7 summit in Italy, with one diplomatic insider saying the commander-in-chief is “the worst he has ever been.”
Another attendee from a non-US delegation told the Sun Friday that the 81-year-old’s public missteps on the first day of the gathering were “embarrassing.”
Biden has joined the leaders of the world’s wealthiest democracies — including Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak — for the annual meeting to discuss their nations’ economic and security priorities.
However, the president has stolen the spotlight with a series of bizarre actions, including giving Meloni an awkward salute upon greeting her Thursday and wandering away from his fellow leaders during a skydiving demonstration, forcing the host prime minister to chaperone him back to the group.
Biden apparently got off on the wrong foot with Meloni before the summit even began Thursday morning, keeping the Italian prime minister waiting 20 minutes before arriving, according to public broadcaster RAI.
When the president did appear, Meloni reportedly chided him in an apparent attempt at humor, telling Biden: “You shouldn’t leave a woman waiting like this.”
The Sun also reported that Biden had shown moments of clarity while discussing urgent matters with the leaders of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK and the European Union.
That is in line with The Post’s understanding from White House staffers that Biden, who would be 86 years old if he completes a full second term in January 2029, has at points lost his focus in private conversations. --->READ MORE HERE
It’s utterly cruel to America — and to Joe Biden — to let him run in this state:
Every day, it seems, the president of the United States wanders off during a photo shoot or tries to shake hands with an imaginary person or garbles his way through another speech, and the rest of us are expected to go on with our day as if everything is just fine.
It’s not fine.
He’s not fine.
And, no, this isn’t about Joe Biden’s longtime propensity to lose his temper or his alleged lifelong stutter or his habit of inventing fairy tales about his past.
It’s about the doddering and scatterbrained behavior that’s familiar to anyone who’s ever dealt with an aging relative.
The 81-year-old president, according to one diplomatic insider attending this week’s G7, is “the worst he has ever been.”
Last week, The Wall Street Journal detailed the numerous ways in which the president has been slipping behind closed doors.
We didn’t really need to peek behind any doors to see Biden wobbling on stairs and teetering off stage.
Biden’s defenders allege that embarrassing videos of the president were edited to make him look bad.
Joe Scarborough, one of the president’s Praetorian Guard, contends that clips of Italian prime minister Giorgia Meloni corralling a confused Biden at the G-7 meeting this week were “cheap fakes” and “vicious lies.”
If only that were true. Anyone who’s watched the fuller video of that day, knows Scarborough is wrong. --->READ MORE HERE
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