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RU Keeps Up Pressure on the F-Line, UKR Gets Boost from West-Mil aid, UKR Still Controls Chasiv Yar; UKR Repels 26 Attacks in Pokrovsk Sect; UKR Reclaims Lost Ground in Vovchansk, Starytsia; UKR Receives Needed Shells in Donrtsk,Obl; UKR Strike AMMO Depot Voronezh Reg; 'Massive' Drone Attack on Belgorod Obl, LIVE UPDATES, DETAILS, and LOTS MORE

Russia keeps up pressure on the front line as Ukraine gets a boost from Western military aid:
Relentless Russian attacks on Ukrainian positions defending the strategically important eastern town of Chasiv Yar are disrupting troop rotations and the delivery of some supplies, soldiers in the area say.
Russian troops are seeking to press their advantage in troop numbers and weaponry before Ukrainian forces are bulked up by promised new Western military aid that is already trickling to the front line, analysts say.
The Kremlin’s military has been hitting civilian targets just as hard, using powerful glide bombs that obliterate buildings and leave huge craters. Its monthslong campaign to cripple Ukraine’s electricity supply aims to sap public morale and deny energy to Ukraine’s burgeoning arms industry.
Attacks on such civilian targets brought arrest warrants from the International Criminal Court on Tuesday for former Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and military chief of staff Gen. Valery Gerasimov for alleged war crimes. Judges said there is evidence they “intentionally caused great suffering or serious injury to body or to mental or physical health” of Ukrainian civilians.
For Ukrainian soldiers defending the eastern Donetsk region, the Russian ground assaults and aerial barrages allow little respite after more than two years of war.
“We work, you could say, without rest,” said a platoon commander who, in line with his brigade’s rules, identified himself only by his first name, Oleksandr.
“So no two days are alike. You always need to be ready to work day and night,” he told The Associated Press on Monday.
His platoon is part of Ukraine’s 43rd Artillery Brigade. It dashes to positions and without delay fires a Soviet-era Pion self-propelled howitzer at Russian positions before it can be targeted itself.
Holding Chasiv Yar is crucial. The town, highly sought-after due to its strategic location and elevated position but now largely in ruins, lies to the west of neighboring Bakhmut, which was captured by Russia last year after a 10-month battle. --->READ MORE HERE
General Staff: AFU repel 26 enemy attacks in Pokrovsk sector, 11 battles still ongoing:
Since the beginning of the day, 110 combat engagements have taken place on the front lines, most of them in the Pokrovsk sector.
According to Ukrinform, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said this in a situation update as of 16:00 on Tuesday, June 25.
"Since the beginning of the day, the enemy has increased the pace of offensive operations. The number of combat engagements along the entire frontline increased to 110. Ukrainian defenders are successfully repelling the onslaught by the Russian occupation forces, inflicting significant losses on the enemy," the statement said.
In the Kharkiv sector, the aggressor keeps trying to attack near Vovchansk. Two combat engagements are currently underway there, and the same number of attacks have been repelled by the Ukrainian Defense Forces. At the same time, enemy aircraft launched two strikes with six unguided aerial bombs on Veterynarne.
In the Kupiansk sector, enemy troops have stormed Ukrainian defensive lines eight times in the areas of Stepova Novoselivka, Stelmakhivka and Synkivka. Ukrainian defenders are holding steadfast. Four Russian attempts to advance were repelled. Fighting continues. Tabaivka was hit by an air strike with ten unguided aerial rockets.
In the Lyman sector, the Russian army launched 13 attacks on Ukrainian positions near Kopanky, Hrekivka, Makiivka, Nevske and in the Serebrianskyi forest. 12 engagements ended without success for the enemy, while one more is ongoing near Nevske.
In the Siversk sector, Ukrainian forces repelled seven Russian attacks near Bilohorivka, Verkhniokamianske, Spirne, Rozdolivka and Vyimka. Five combat engagements are still ongoing. --->READ MORE HERE
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