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Philly’s New Mayor Embraces the City’s Muslim Constituency ... AND SO IT BEGINS ... Muslim Parents in Philadelphia Worry Schools Aren't Making Accommodations for Ramadan; Muslim Advocates: Know Your Rights

Philly’s New Mayor Embraces the City’s Muslim Constituency
Mayor Cherelle Parker recently announced the creation of Muslim City Hall Day 2024. Advertisements went out encouraging Muslim residents to join CAIR Philadelphia and EMGAGE PA for a day of lobbying at City Hall “Make your voice heard by meeting with Elected Officials to advocate for the policy issues that are important to Muslim Philadelphians,” the notice read.
Muslim City Hall Day 2024 took place on June 10th, from 10:00AM to 2:00PM.
In March of this year, Mayor Parker also announced the appointment of the city’s first Director of Muslim Engagement, Quaiser Abdullah.
“…Dr. Abdullah’s appointment reflects our commitment to inclusivity and community-driven governance. His expertise and dedication will play a crucial role in ensuring that the voices and concerns of Philadelphia’s Muslim residents are heard and valued,” Mayor Parker said in a statement.
As director of the Master of Science in Communication Management program at Temple University’s Klein College of Media and Communication, Abdullah, a native of Trinidad and Tobago, who resides in West Philadelphia, has been associated with Temple University since 2000.
As a member of the Muslim Students Association, he published a letter in Temple News in October 2009 condemning the appearance of Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders who had just produced a 15-minute film explaining why so many atrocities had been committed in the name of Islam.
Abdullah wrote that Wilders “touched on the concept of free speech, however, it came over as a mere ruse in an effort to spew his anti-Islam, anti-Muslim rhetoric. Free speech,” the then adjunct professor added, “is valued; however, free speech should not be used as an umbrella for hate speech. --->READ MORE HERE
Muslim parents in Philadelphia worry schools aren't making accommodations for Ramadan:
As Muslims mark the holy month of Ramadan, several schools and workplaces have made accommodations for those who are participating in religious practices.
But some Philadelphia parents say their children's schools are making it difficult to openly practice their Muslim faith.
The holy month of Ramadan brought excitement for Letitia William's 12-year-old daughter, who had wanted to openly practice her faith for the first time.
"It was like a big day for her, a big moment," said Williams. "She had prepared the night before like, 'How do I wrap my scarf?'"
That excitement, though, faded when the 6th grader arrived at St. Francis de Sales in Southwest Philadelphia.
"I got a call from the main office. She said, 'You have to pick me up, they said I can't wear this,'" said Williams.
Williams says her daughter was told she couldn't wear her khimar, which is a head covering. The girl was otherwise dressed in her full uniform, her mother said.
The Catholic school's handbook states no head coverings are allowed, but Williams says the dress code shouldn't override her daughter's religious freedom.
"My child had so much joy leaving out of the house and they publicly humiliated her and made her feel like she was doing something wrong," said Williams.
Clothing isn't the only concern parents are dealing with during Ramadan. Tifphanie Lawton worried that her children's school, the Mathematics, Civics, and Sciences Charter School in Spring Garden, would stop their prayer. --->READ MORE HERE
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