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GS: Situation Under Control in Dir of Vovchansk; RU Air Activity Intensifies in Pokrovsk; Ivanivske IS STILL Under UKR's Control; RU Strives to Reclaim Lost Ground in Kharkiv Reg; UKR Downs 1 Su-25, 1 Su-34 Crashes; UKR Destroys RU Complex RB-301B "Borisoglebsk-2", LIVE UPDATES and LOTS MORE

Situation is under control: General Staff reports Russian attack in direction of Vovchansk:
Since the beginning of June 11, 37 combat clashes took place in the frontline. In the Kharkiv direction, a Russian attack in the direction of Vovchansk is currently underway
This is stated in the report of the General Staff as of 10:00 am.
Over the past day, June 10, 100 combat clashes took place. In total, the Russian troops carried out 62 air strikes on the positions of Ukrainian troops and settlements and fired more than 4,000 times, 149 of them from multiple launch rocket systems.
On June 10, the Ukrainian Defense Forces struck 13 areas of Russian personnel and equipment concentration, seven air defense facilities, two missile and artillery facilities, and a hostile radar station.
In total, the Russian occupation forces suffered 1,100 casualties over the past day. They also lost 23 tanks, 32 armored vehicles, 46 artillery systems, an airplane, 13 operational and tactical UAVs, five air defense systems, one MLRS, 58 vehicles and 21 pieces of special equipment.
Situation at the front in Ukraine on June 11
Since the beginning of the day, 37 combat clashes took place on the frontline. The Russian army launched two missile attacks with two rockets, four air strikes with ten guided bombs, used 40 kamikaze drones and fired about 500 times at Ukrainian troops' positions and localities.
In the Kharkiv direction, the occupation forces are currently attacking in the direction of Vovchansk. The General Staff says the situation is under control.
Over the past day, the invading troops lost 79 men in the area, 26 of them irretrievably. A tank, three armored combat vehicles, nine vehicles and six units of special equipment were destroyed. Two tanks, one armored personnel carrier and three artillery systems were damaged. Twenty-two Russian personnel hideouts and one ammunition depot were destroyed. --->READ MORE HERE
Russian air activity intensifies in Pokrovsk sector — Ukraine's General Staff:
Since the beginning of the day on June 11, 87 combat clashes took place on the frontline. Russian aviation became more active in the Pokrovsk sector
According to Ukraine's General Staff report as of 4:00 pm, 87 combat clashes have occurred on the frontline since the start of June 11. There was increased Russian aircraft activity in the Pokrovsk sector.
On June 10, there were 100 combat clashes reported. Russian forces conducted 62 airstrikes on Ukrainian troops' positions and settlements, with over 4,000 rounds fired, including 149 from MLRS.
Ukrainian Defense Forces targeted 13 Russian personnel and equipment concentration areas, seven air defense facilities, two missile and artillery facilities, and a radar station on June 10.
During the day, the Russian army lost 1,100 soldiers, including losses of 23 tanks, 32 armored vehicles, 46 artillery systems, an airplane, 13 operational and tactical UAVs, five air defense systems, one MLRS, 58 vehicles, and 21 pieces of special equipment.
The situation on the frontline on June 11
The number of combat engagements has risen to 87, with the Pokrovsk sector remaining the most intense battleground. Despite the challenges, Ukraine's defense forces are putting up a strong fight and successfully holding off Russia's offensives.
In the Kharkiv sector, Russian troops launched another assault on Ukrainian positions, particularly near Hlyboke village. So far, Ukraine has repelled four attacks in Vovchansk and Hlyboke. --->READ MORE HERE
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