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Biden Admin Offers ‘mass amnesty’ to Migrants as It Quietly Terminates 350,000 Asylum Cases; Senator Demands Biden End ‘covert mass amnesty’ by Dismissing Thousands of Immigration Cases

Biden admin offers ‘mass amnesty’ to migrants as it quietly terminates 350,000 asylum cases: sources:
While the Biden administration is attempting to look like it’s getting tough on the border, behind the scenes it’s operating a program of “mass amnesty” for migrants, The Post can reveal.
Data shows that since 2022, more than 350,000 asylum cases filed by migrants have been closed by the US government if the applicants don’t have a criminal record or are otherwise not deemed a threat to the country.
This means that while the migrants are not granted or denied asylum — their cases are “terminated without a decision on the merits of their asylum claim” — they are removed from the legal system and no longer required to check in with authorities.
The move allows them to legally, indefinitely roam the US without fear of deportation, effectively letting them slip through the cracks.
“This is just a massive amnesty under the guise of prosecutorial discretion,” according to Andrew Arthur, a former immigration judge who works for the Center for Immigration Studies.
“You’re basically allowing people who don’t have a right to be in the United States to be here indefinitely,” he added to The Post.
“Please let everyone know what’s really going on,” an ICE officer told The Post.
In 2020, during the Trump administration, 48,000 migrants were ordered removed from the US by immigration court judges. Fewer than 20,000 people were granted asylum, and 4,700 people had their cases closed or were otherwise allowed to remain in the country, according to data collected by the Transactional Records Access ClearinghouseTransactional Records Access Clearinghouse. --->READ MORE HERE
Senator demands Biden end ‘covert mass amnesty’ by dismissing thousands of immigration cases:
Republican Senator Josh Hawley is pressuring the Biden administration to end its practice of dismissing thousands of asylum cases, effectively giving migrants “mass amnesty,” The Post can reveal.
Hawley’s inquiry follows a report by The Post exposing how the Biden administration moved to dismiss asylum cases and removal proceedings against more than 350,000 migrantsagainst more than 350,000 migrants simply because they didn’t have criminal backgrounds and aren’t seen as threats to national security.
Hawley sent a letter Tuesday to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas asking him to explain how federal authorities are tracking individuals after their cases are terminated according to a copy of the letter, first obtained by The Post
The letter also asks for figures on the number of migrants who have gone on to commit crimes after their cases have bene dismissed.
Once cases are dismissed, migrants are not removed from the US or asked to return home. They also aren’t monitored by ICE, making them undocumented.
In his letter, Hawley raised concerns about the correlation between the migrant influx and rises in violent crime, citing another recent report by The Post revealing how a Venezuelan migrant accused of shooting two NYPD officers Monday had his deportation case dismissed.
It is not yet clear what the reasoning for the dismissal of that case was as there’s no indication the migrant, Bernardo Castro Mata, 19, had complied with a required check in with ICE officers after being released into the country. --->READ MORE HERE
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