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UKR Foils RU Plot to Assassinate Zelensky; UKR's Kraken Unit From Chasiv Yar, Says 'no occupiers in city'; RU Loses 2 Combat Planes in 72hrs; UKR Hits Oil Depot in Luhansk; UKR Kills 100 RU Troops with US-Supplied Missile; UKR Forces Have Some Successes in Lyman Sect; UKR Repels 50 Attacks-6 Sect; 64 C-Clashes, LIVE UPDATES and LOTS MORE

Ukraine foils Russian plot to infiltrate Zelensky’s security detail to assassinate him in explosion:
Ukraine’s counterintelligence service reportedly foiled a Russian plot to infiltrate President Volodymyr Zelensky’s security team and assassinate him in an explosion — just in time for Vladimir Putin’s fifth inauguration as the president of Russia.
Russian intelligence agents were caught targeting members of Zelensky’s security details in the hopes of taking him hostage and later killing him, the SBU State Security Service said Tuesday.
Two colonels in the State Guard of Ukraine – which guards the president and other government leaders – were detained on suspicion of leaking information to Russia’s Federal Security Service, the agency said.
The two colonels had been recruited before Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, the statement noted.
They are both facing charges of treason, which carries a life sentence.
The plot – which was run out of Moscow – supposedly entailed an attack before Putin’s fifth inauguration on Tuesday, State Security Service head Vasyl Maliuk added.
In addition to kidnapping and assassinating Zelensky, the conspirators also hoped to identify several senior Ukrainian officials and target them in a rocket attack, as well as drones and missiles.
Zelensky, 46, previously claimed that there had been at least 10 attempts on his life since the Ukraine war started. --->READ MORE HERE
Ukraine's Kraken unit releases video from Chasiv Yar, says 'no occupiers in city':
Ukraine's Kraken special forces unit released a video from embattled Chasiv Yar in Donetsk Oblast on May 7, showing ongoing fighting amid a devastated landscape but claiming there is currently not a single Russian soldier in the town itself.
Drone footage shows what used to be home to 12,000 people has been reduced to a mass of rubble and burned out buildings as Russia continues its attempt to take the town.
In a post accompanying the video, Kraken – a unit of Ukraine’s military intelligence (HUR) – writes: "Fighters heroically hold the defense, daily destroy numerous enemies, set fire to enemy armored vehicles and take prisoners.
"The enemy is trying to advance from different directions, but thanks to the coordinated work of the unit, there is currently not a single occupier in the city."
Interspersed with aerial shots of the town are scenes of fighting, including artillery firing and medics tending to wounded soldiers.
Russian forces shifted their focus toward Chasiv Yar, an elevated town that potentially opens the way to further advances into the oblast, after capturing Avdiivka in February. --->READ MORE HERE
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