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Murder Most Foul: Many of the Hostages Have Been Murdered: And How Will People React When the Final Reckoning is Made? At the Knesset, Former Hostages Tell of Endless Sexual Abuse

Murder Most Foul: Many of the Hostages Have Been Murdered:
Hamas now says it cannot come up with even forty hostages, consisting of women, the elderly, and female soldiers, to be exchanged for what, at last count, was supposed to be 700 Palestinian prisoners, some of them now serving multiple life sentences for murdering Israelis. What does that mean? It means what everyone of sense has suspected all along. Hamas has been steadily murdering many, perhaps most, of the hostages. More on these murders most foul can be found here: “Report: US officials fear most of the hostages held by Hamas could be dead,” Times of Israel, April 11, 2024:
US officials tell the Wall Street Journal that there are fears that most of the Israeli hostages in Hamas captivity could be dead.
The report comes amid talks to secure a hostage release deal and a truce, with some Hamas sources indicating that they are unable to provide 40 living hostages from the elderly, women and female soldiers that Israel is demanding.
It is believed that 129 hostages abducted by Hamas on October 7 remain in Gaza. The IDF has confirmed the deaths of 34 of those still held by Hamas, citing intelligence and findings obtained by troops operating in Gaza.
How many of the 34 hostages confirmed dead by the IDF were murdered by Hamas? No one in his right mind believes that all, or most, died in Israeli airstrikes. Hamas committed mass murder of innocent civilians on October 7. Why wouldn’t it continue to murder the hostages for any number of reasons? Some Hamas members may have found the elderly Israelis required too much attention. Why not just eliminate them if they proved too much trouble to take care of? Perhaps some of the girls and women were insufficiently accommodating to the sexual demands of their captors. So why not kill a few, to make sure the others are obedient? And then what fun, after all, to every so often kill a few of the male IDF soldiers. What’s not to like? --->READ MORE HERE
At the Knesset, Former Hostages Tell of Endless Sexual Abuse:
“To be a woman in captivity is to be in constant fear; it can’t be described in words.”
At the Knesset, former hostages who had been released in the November exchange of imprisoned terrorists for Israeli civilians held captive told what it was like for them in Gaza. The focus of the Knesset hearing was on the sexual abuse and rape of the female captives. The world, in danger of forgetting about the hostages, as all eyes are on Israel’s putative misdeeds in Gaza, needs to be constantly reminded of what is happening to those still held captive. More on their testimony can be found here: “‘Raped Daily’: Former Israeli Hostages Recount Sexual Abuse by Hamas Terrorists as Families Plead for Action,” by Debbie Weiss, Algemeiner, April 7, 2024:
In an emotional hearing at the Knesset, Israel’s parliament, former hostages held by Hamas terrorists in Gaza recounted harrowing tales of sexual harassment and abuse, as families of those still held captive pleaded for the Israeli government to do more to secure their release.

“As hard as it is to say, every girl there goes through sexual harassment one way or another,” said Mia Regev, who was freed in November after 50 days in captivity. Fighting back tears, she urged lawmakers to take action, saying, “Your job is to bring them back home.”

Sharon Aloni-Cunio, also released in November, said “the fear is endless” for female captives. “To be a woman in captivity is to be in constant fear; it can’t be described in words,” she told the Knesset Committee for the Advancement of Women’s Status and Gender Equality. “The terrorist is the sole arbiter of your fate.”

She added: “The feeling of helplessness is one I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Each moment feels never-ending and every movement of the terrorists causes stomach cramping because who knows what might happen.”

Mothers and sisters of the remaining hostages stood with their loved ones’ pictures outside the committee room, some of them wearing clothes that appeared to be stained with blood. Liri Albag’s mother, Shira, said at the start of the hearing, “She’s in hell. Does anyone understand what it means to be in hell?”

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