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The Spreading Pro-Hamas Movement on Campuses Earns Hamas’ Praise; Who Funds Hamas? You Do, Thanks to Old Joe

The Spreading Pro-Hamas Movement on Campuses Earns Hamas’ Praise:
Biden equivocates while academic leaders cower:
Agitators on and off campuses across the country are subjecting Jewish students to assaults, intimidation, threats, and harassment during the latest wave of pro-Hamas disruptions. This round started at Columbia University where pro-Hamas agitators have seized space on the campus, which they designated a “liberated zone.” Their slogans and chants included “Long live Hamas!,” “We say justice, you say how. Burn Tel Aviv to the ground,” and “Hamas we love you. We support your rockets, too.”
Just outside Columbia University’s gates, this chilling threat was shouted for Jews to hear loud and clear: “Never forget the 7th of October. That will happen not 1 more time, not 5 more times, not 10, not 100, not 1,000, but 10,000 times! The 7th of October is going to be every day for you.”
Columbia is ground zero for the pro-Hamas hatefest against Jews, but it has spread like wildfire to other colleges and universities across the country.
Hamas has taken notice. “We in the Hamas movement believe that any popular movement demanding an end to the aggression and genocide against our people are useful and supportive activities for our cause,” Hamas spokesperson Bassam Naim told Newsweek. “They also refute the Zionist narrative. The importance of this increases if these activities involve young people and university students, given that this reflects the vision of future generations.”
Naim added that “The American administration’s attempts to suppress these activities will not change the reality of the situation, whether regarding the justice of the Palestinian cause or the brutality and racism of the Israeli occupation. We believe that suppressing these activities will increase the youth’s adherence to their position and reveal the falsity of American democracy.”
The agitators’ “activities” that Hamas is praising are not peaceful protests as the left-leaning media and anti-Semitic politicians would have us believe. The agitators are mimicking Hamas’s own genocidal ideology in a deliberate attempt to spread the terrorists’ propaganda and threaten Jews with violent rhetoric and physical intimidation. Jews have been assaulted on and off campus, including a student journalist at Yale University whom a pro-Hamas militant attacked by jabbing at her eye with a Palestinian flagpole. Assaults targeting Jews and police officers trying to restore law and order have also broken out elsewhere – for example, at New York University and the University of Southern California.
President Biden is worried that he is losing support among young voters sympathetic to the Palestinians’ cause that is vital to his reelection because of U.S. military support for Israel against the terrorists. So, he is trying to walk a fine line, talking out of both sides of his mouth. --->READ MORE HERE
Who Funds Hamas? You Do, Thanks to Old Joe
When you know no shame.
It’s all out in the open now. The House voted 366-58 on Saturday to send $9.1 billion to Gaza, and that means $9.1 billion to Hamas. This isn’t the first time that the Biden regime has made clear which side it’s on, and it likely won’t be the last. But this time, Old Joe and his henchmen are getting some pushback.
The $9.1 billion is earmarked, of course, as “humanitarian assistance,” but that ruse is fooling fewer and fewer people. Just The News reported Friday that the bill is “under scrutiny” in the first place because the amount that Gaza will be getting is “significantly more than the annual gross domestic product of the Gaza Strip,” and no safeguards are in place to ensure that the money will not fall into the wrong hands: “critics say the U.S. is essentially funding Hamas through the bill.”
Officially, this massive cash outlay is for “Migration and Refugee Assistance” and “International Disaster Assistance.” It is so massive, in fact, that it is “more than four times the amount of the annual GDP in the Gaza Strip, which was about $2 billion last year, according to the United Nations.” The Gaza Strip is about to be awash in American money, and that means that even if Hamas has already burned through the $10 billion that Old Joe Biden and his henchmen sent to Hamas’ money men in Tehran last month, more billions are on their way.
The Biden regime doesn’t want you to worry about this. The bill “calls for the Secretary of State to establish oversight measures to ensure that the aid is not diverted by Hamas,” but really, what can he possibly do short of establishing an American military presence in Gaza? Hamas controls Gaza. There is no force in Gaza that is strong enough to stand up to Hamas. So provisos written into legislation drafted and passed in faraway Washington, D.C. is one thing, but the reality on the ground in Gaza is something else altogether, and the Biden regime must know that. --->READ MORE HERE
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