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The College Hamas Riots Aren’t “Student Protests”: There’s a Reason They Were Wearing Masks; The Campus Intifadas Are Not ‘Anti-War Protests’

The College Hamas Riots Aren’t “Student Protests”
There’s a reason they were wearing masks.
When I headed out to UCLA, the campus was quiet. A few students wandered in and out of buildings. A proud mother was taking pictures of her daughter. Students sunbathed on the lawn underneath Royce Hall, the center of the pro-terrorist riots days earlier, which had been secured by an LAPD and campus police presence. Apart from one smear of graffiti on a vending machine and a PLO flag hanging in the window of a dormitory, there was no sign of the riots.
What happened to the rioters? Some may have been sleeping it off, but most weren’t there.
When the NYPD broke up pro-Hamas riots at Columbia and City College, half of the rioters turned out not to be students. While the media has portrayed the terrorist encampments on campuses as the work of outraged students, it’s not clear how many anywhere are students.
The masks commonly worn by the supporters deliberately obscure their identities. But this did not help them when they were finally arrested. What it did do was initially shield the fact that many of the terrorist supporters were clearly older adults, not students, as these photos show.
A bearded 59-year-old man is clearly not a student, but put on a mask, drape a keffiyah around him, and keep him in the background, and he can pass as just another warm “student” body.
While the terror supporters have been careful to send students and faculty, especially sympathetic ones, unmasked in front of the cameras, the mugshots show what they’re hiding.
The truth is that few students support the antisemitic encampments and most want them to go.
Those are the results of a recent survey by Generation Lab which found that only 7% of students took part in them, only a quarter support them and a majority oppose them.
A majority of college students want to see fewer protests, oppose BDS, and don’t agree with most anti-Israel slogans. 34% of college students blame Hamas leaders for the situation in Gaza, as opposed to 19% who blame Netanyahu.
And, more importantly, 81% say that “students who destroyed property, vandalized or illegally occupied buildings should be held accountable”. --->READ MORE HERE
The Campus Intifadas Are Not ‘Anti-War Protests’:
What the protesters are really calling for.
In February I wrote about the seemingly strange bedfellows of the red-green alliance – red for progressivism and green for Islam – whose values on many issues seem so diametrically opposed and yet they are united in their determination to dismantle the Western civilization they both see as the obstacle to erecting their differing visions of utopian societies.
This alliance was perhaps never in quite such alarming evidence as in the worldwide, vociferous, and even violent demonstrations of left-wing and Muslim support for the Palestinian people in the wake of Israel’s military retaliation against the terror group Hamas for its barbaric massacre of over 1200 innocents in Israel on October 7, 2023.
The anti-Israel protests have only gathered momentum since February as what David Horowitz calls the “unholy alliance” has intensified its pro-Hamas activism. On April 15th anti-Israel protesters shut down San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, blocked the entrance to Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, blocked Manhattan-bound traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge, and blocked traffic on Oregon’s Interstate 5 and roads in Philadelphia on a day of coordinated protests and rallies.
Meanwhile, college campuses have become overrun with metastasizing encampments of anti-Israel radicals intent on forcing administrators to concede to demands ranging from university divestment from Israel to full scholarships for Palestinian students to dental dams for safe sex for the encamped protesters. These privileged militants – both students and faculty – bully Jewish students, clash with cops, vandalize school property, replace campus Stars-and-Stripes with Palestinian flags, and chant antisemitic slogans including the genocidal call for “Palestine” to be free “from the river to the sea.”
Anti-War Does Not Mean Anti-War
During the George Floyd-inspired rioting across America in 2020, the left-dominated news media coordinated to spread the narrative that the looting, burning, and vandalizing carried out by Black Lives Matter revolutionaries and their allies were “mostly peaceful.” Similarly, now the media are attempting to whitewash these Jew-hating, anti-colonialist revolutionaries waging campus intifadas across America as merely “anti-war.”
And not just the media, but government leaders as well. Democrat Congresspeople including “Squad” members Cori Bush, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar have also mislabeled the protestors as “antiwar.” But consider a few examples from recent mainstream media headlines: --->READ MORE HERE
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