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The RU Navy Had 3 Giant Be-200 Flying Boats. Then UKR Drones Swarmed In; UKR Strikes Gazprom Building in Belgorod; UKR Unleashes Drones on RU City as Putin Mocks Peace Conf; UKR Repels 67 Attacks-5 Sectors; RU Loses: 9 Tanks, 840 Sold, 16 RU UAV's Downed, LIVE UPDATES and LOTS MORE

Aleksandr Markin photo via Wikimedia Commons
The Russian Navy Had Three Giant Be-200 Flying Boats. Then Ukrainian Drones Swarmed In:
Stung by relentless Russian air strikes on its cities and front-line forces and struggling with shortages of missiles for ground-based air defense batteries, on April 5 Ukraine struck back. Swarms of long-range attack drones targeted three Russian air bases.
The drone strikes on Yeysk, Kursk and Engels-2 air bases—respectively 100, 200 and 400 miles from the front line in Ukraine—inflicted some damage, but it’s hard to say how much damage.
The Ukrainian intelligence directorate told Kyiv Independent it damaged, if not destroyed, seven Russian warplanes. The Ukrainian Center for Defense Strategies counted eight destroyed Russian planes and eight damaged ones.
But there’s satellite imagery confirming just one damaged jet—and it’s a doozy: a rare Beriev Be-200 jet-propelled flying boat. A new transport and search-and-rescue plane that can launch and land on water while carrying tons of cargo.
At least some of the drones that struck Yeysk, just across the Sea of Azov from southern Ukraine, exploded on the apron on the northeast edge of the base. There, the Russian navy had parked several of its planes, including some turboprop and jet transports, a pair of Sukhoi fighter-bombers and one of the 30-ton twin-jet Be-200s.
Satellite imagery from Planet Labs, recorded in the aftermath of the drone raid, seems to depict damage to the parked Be-200, including a missing wing panel and a fuel leak.
The Russian navy got its first Be-200 just four years ago and reportedly has three in its inventory, complementing a fast-shrinking fleet of very old propeller-driven Beriev Be-12 amphibians. --->READ MORE HERE
Images source: © PAP | Jan Woitas
Ukrainian Drone Strikes Gazprom Building in Belgorod, Injuring Two:
In Belgorod, Russia, a Ukrainian drone targeted a Gazprom corporate administrative building, resulting in injuries to two individuals. This incident was confirmed by Vyacheslav Gladkov, the governor of the Belgorod region, through a statement on Telegram.
According to Gladkov, Ukraine's armed forces used drones to assault Belograd, and two people were injured in the attack, which targeted the administrative facility of a company supplying raw materials.
"Belgorod fell under an assault from the Ukrainian armed forces utilizing a drone. The offensive targeted an administrative facility of a company that supplies raw materials. The explosion from this attack resulted in injuries to two people."
He further detailed the extent of injuries: one individual sustained a leg injury, while the other suffered injuries to both his hand and leg. Both have been admitted to a hospital for treatment.
Additionally, Gladkov noted that the facade of the Gazprom building incurred damage. Emergency services teams continue their efforts at the scene of the attack. --->READ MORE HERE
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