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Aliens Voting: We’ve Seen the Invasion of Our Border. Are We Going to Stop the Invasion of Our Voter Rolls? Top Red State Official Demands Answers On Biden Executive Order 'attempting to register' ILLEGALS to Vote, and related stories

Aliens Voting:
We’ve seen the invasion of our border. Are we going to stop the invasion of our voter rolls?
The southern border crisis has reached new heights under President Biden. Now, viral footage shows migrants rushing the National Guard and cutting down border fencing. The data backs up the images Americans are seeing on TV. Arrests for illegal border crossings from Mexico have reached an all-time high.
I could just as easily be describing our border in 2015 or even a decade before. Some of these foreigners will get drivers licenses and, therefore mistakenly get added to American voter rolls. We have researched this issue for years, and there is hard data to back it up.
We already have government records from states across the country that reveal aliens have been registering and voting in American elections. Yes, you read that right: foreigners are casting ballots in American elections. It is not a myth or Bigfoot. It is happening.
The number one source for alien registration is the DMV registration system. The overwhelming majority of foreigners who end up registered to vote come through the DMV. The second most prevalent is student visas. Illegal border crossers comprise a smaller percentage of aliens to get registered. Data support these conclusions.
For over a decade, the Public Interest Legal Foundation has been harvesting records from election offices in Texas, California, North Carolina, Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and many more states that reveal the extent of the problem of aliens getting registered to vote and why it is happening.
The National Voter Registration Act, more commonly known as Motor Voter, is the federal law that requires states to offer voter registration at local drivers license agencies.
As aliens go to get drivers licenses, they will be asked if they would like to register to vote. If they say yes, all that they need to do is fill out the voter registration form and check the box “yes” I am a United States citizen.
After the form is filled out, election officials are required to register the individual to vote in federal elections. States are not allowed to ask for citizenship verification such as a birth certificate, passport, or naturalization documents. Only an honor system prevents aliens from registering to vote. --->READ MORE HERE
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Top red state official demands answers on Biden executive order 'attempting to register' illegals to vote:
Mississippi SOS Michael Watson says the Biden executive order creates 'numerous opportunities' for ineligible voters to vote
Mississippi’s Secretary of State has sent a letter to President Biden’s Department of Justice asking it to stop enforcing a Biden executive order that he warns is being used to attempt to register ineligible convicts and illegal immigrants to vote.
"As you are aware, on March 7, 2021, President Biden issued Executive Order No. 14019 which sought to turn the Department of Justice agencies from their historical missions of law enforcement to voter registration and get out the vote operations," Mississippi Secretary of State Michael Watson wrote in a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland this week.
"These efforts are an intrusion into state matters and are a misuse of federal revenue and resources. In addition, it appears that these efforts have led to agencies under your charge attempting to register people to vote, including potentially ineligible felons and to co-opt state and local officials into accomplishing this goal."
The executive order in question was signed by Biden in 2021 and was billed as an attempt to combat racial discrimination and "protect the right to vote" and instructed government agencies "consider ways to expand citizens’ opportunities to register to vote and to obtain information about, and participate in, the electoral process."
In his letter, Watson outlines concerns that the executive order "forces the U.S. Marshals Service" to "modify agreements with jails" that require them "to provide voter registration materials and facilitate voting by mail."
"According to the Marshals Service, they are modifying 936 contracts or intergovernmental agreements to require state and local government complicity in the potential registration of ineligible prisoners to vote," the letter states. "It further requires the Department of Justice to facilitate voter registration and mail voting for individuals in the custody of the Bureau of Prisons.
"This program creates numerous opportunities for ineligible prisoners to be registered to vote in Mississippi."
Watson told Fox News Digital that he is not confident the Biden administration is paying close attention to the voting status of the individuals involved. --->READ MORE HERE
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