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The Biden Drone Attack on Israel; Launched from Iran, Made In America: Biden’s Complicity In The Attack On Israel From Beginning To End

The Biden Drone Attack on Israel
And we all know.
Over the weekend as the attack on Israel was unfolding all of the news coverage broke in to announce that Biden and Netanyahu were scheduled to speak within minutes.
I for one would have really liked to have overheard that conversation.
Because the long and the short of it is this.
Iran’s drone attack was funded by Joe Biden. Everyone on planet Earth knows it. And there is nowhere to hide for the beach-going shuffler in chief.
The bottom line of this is—we are all in deep trouble.
Factual reminders you only heard on Fox News and NewsMax: Under Donald Trump Iran was broke and would have never been in a position to launch the scale of attack they did last night—much less coordinate and execute the attack of October 7.
People who are pretending to be journalists might look shocked but the Hamas attack of 10/7 was completely designed, strategized, and executed by Iran. Iran loves using its Arab cousins to die in attacks against “the Satans” because it means fewer Iranians die. So they pour money into Hezbollah, Hamas, and the Houthis but where does it come from?
Joe Biden.
For some weird, perverse reason the Obama Administration had a love for Iran that was insatiable. And in the middle of the night platefuls of pallets filled with cash of every currency except dollars made their way to Tehran directly from the Obama administration.
Seeing that Iran was eating our lunch and hurting our allies and interests around the globe President Trump cut the Iranian funding off. Told the Iranians the nuclear deal that allowed them to pursue nuclear weapons was over and then placed sanctions not just on Iran but any and every nation that could not prove that they had ended any business with the regime. --->READ MORE HERE
Launched from Iran, Made in America
Biden’s complicity in the attack on Israel from beginning to end.
On Saturday night, Iran launched its attack, codenamed “Ya Rasool Allah” or “Messenger of Allah”, on the Jewish State, after Israel had taken out the Iranian mastermind of Oct 7.
The attack began with waves of drones to swamp Israel’s air defenses, followed by cruise missiles and ballistic missiles. While the British and the French took out some drones, U.S. forces accounted for about half the total of drones and some of the ballistic missiles, leaving the rest for the Israelis to deal with. By the time it was over, 99% of the attack had been intercepted.
The only serious injury in the “Messenger of Allah” bombardment was to a 7-year-old Muslim Bedouin girl.
But why was Iran able to launch so many missiles at all, how did everyone know when the attack would happen, and why is Biden warning Israel not to respond to the Iranian attack?
Last month, the Biden administration provided a $10 billion sanctions waiver for Iran. The administration warned Iran that it would impose sanctions on its missile program if it sent them to Russia. There was no mention of the real focus of those sanctions which was concern that Iran would provide those weapons to proxy terror groups like Hezbollah, Iraqi Shiite militias and the Houthis, now using those weapons to attack civilian container ships and US Navy vessels.
Iran should never have had that weapons technology in the first place. In 2006, the Bush administration had convinced the UN Security Council to sanction Iran’s missile program “to prevent the supply, sale or transfer …of all items, materials, equipment, goods and technology which could contribute to Iran’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs.”
Part of Obama’s Iran Deal allowed those sanctions to expire on October 18, 2023. Two weeks after the Oct 7 attacks on Israel which killed over 1,000 people, the Biden administration let the UN sanctions lapse, making it easier for Iran to buy, export and boost its development of weapons technology. The administration tried to substitute a limited sanctions program of its own for the original sanctions while continuing to allow Iran to access billions in sanctions relief.
Where the Trump administration had snapped back sanctions for Iran’s violations, Biden lifted them a month after taking office. Sen. Ted Cruz has estimated that the Biden administration allowed around $100 billion to flow to Iran since 2021. That $10 billion was just the latest of it.
Despite the open violations of the Iran Deal, Biden allowed Iran to benefit from an agreement it was actively violating every single day even as it was attacking American soldiers and Israel.
When Biden allowed Iran that latest $10 billion in sanctions relief, not only were US Navy personnel actively in combat with Iran’s Houthi terrorists, but two Navy SEALS had died in an operation to intercept Iranian weapons being smuggled from Somalia to the Houthis in Yemen. In Jordan, an attack by Iran’s Shiite militias operating out of Iraq had killed three American servicemembers. While Biden appeared willing to let Iran get away with it, Israel was not. --->READ MORE HERE
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