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SH**HOLE NEWS: Two Chicago Men Accused of Luring Children for Sexual Abuse Released Thanks to No-Bail, SAFE-T Act; Felons Accused of Luring Children Into Van Get Electronic Monitoring After Judge, Prosecutors Mistakenly Believe the Charges Aren’t Detainable

Cook County Sheriff’s Office
Two Chicago Men Accused of Luring Children for Sexual Abuse Released Thanks to No-Bail, SAFE-T Act:
Two men arrested for allegedly trying to lure children into a van were let go after a Chicago area judge released them under the impression that the recently posted no-bail SAFE-T Act prevented the men from being held.
The two men detained by police in Cicero were also charged with violating parole and probation, according to CWB Chicago.
The two suspects, Kenchi Edwards, 60, and Kraig McCauley, 55, allegedly tried to lure several 14-year-old children into their van with promises of “games” and the promise of meeting a “famous athlete.”
The children did not get in the van, and the police were called by a parent.
The police soon detained the two men and reportedly found a mattress in the van along with a used crack pipe, “numerous condoms, lubricant and binoculars,” and several open bottles of alcohol.
Then men were arrested and charged with two counts of child luring by a person older than 21 and two counts of attempted child abduction. They are also in trouble over their parole and probation violations.
During their first hearing, though, Assistant State’s Attorney Sarah Dale-Schmidt mistakenly advised Judge Susana Ortiz that the offenses were not detainable.
The judge wanted to make special note of the situation.
“I want to note for the record that as to each of these defendants, child luring and attempted child abduction are not enumerated offenses on which the People can seek detention,” Ortiz said, according to court records. “I want to note that attempted animal cruelty is one where detention can be sought but not attempted child abduction, for whatever that’s worth, I want that to be reflected on the record.” --->READ MORE HERE
Cook County sheriff’s office
Felons accused of luring children into van get electronic monitoring after judge, prosecutors mistakingly believe the charges aren’t detainable:
Two men accused of trying to lure children into a van where Cicero police allegedly found condoms, lubricant, and a mattress were not detained on the charges because prosecutors and the judge mistakenly believed attempted child abduction is not a detainable offense under Illinois’ cashless bail system.
Both men have been detained for other reasons, one for violating parole and the other for violating probation. However, if those holds are released, they will go home on electronic monitoring.
During an initial appearance at the Leighton Criminal Courthouse at 26th and California on Sunday, Assistant State’s Attorney Sarah Dale-Schmidt presented the state’s allegations against the men, Kenchi Edwards, 60, and 55-year-old Kraig McCauley.
She told Judge Susana Ortiz that McCauley stopped a van near three children playing in an alley on 18th Street in Cicero on Friday evening.
McCauley motioned for the children, both 14, to come over to the van and asked them if they wanted to get in, saying a “famous athlete” was in the back of the van and he had “games,” Dale-Schmidt alleged, according to an official court transcript. A surveillance video allegedly recorded the interaction.
The children, who were with a 13-year-old, did not get into the van, and McCauley drove away. One of the children told a parent about what happened, and the parent called the police. --->READ MORE HERE
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