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Texas Gov Abbott Travels to Sanctuary City to Say He Won't Stop Bussing in Illegal Immigrants; Texas Gov. Abbott Vows to Continue Busing Migrants to Sanctuary Cities ‘until we get a new president’

Texas Gov Abbott travels to sanctuary city to say he won't stop bussing in illegal immigrants:
'Texas is ground zero for the broken border policy imposed by Joe Biden,' Texas Gov Greg Abbott told New York Republicans at a gala on Thursday
Texas will continue to bus illegal immigrants pouring across its border to sanctuary cities "until we get a new president," Texas Gov. Greg Abbott told a Manhattan crowd on Thursday — just hours after New York City Mayor Eric Adams criticized the Republican's handling of the crisis and offered him a free stay at one of the Big Apple's migrant shelters.
Abbott's comments came during his keynote address at the New York Republican Party’s annual gala, at which the Lone Star State governor and other high-profile Republicans took aim at Adams and the Biden administration due to the continuing influx of illegal immigrants entering the U.S.
"The complaining by Mayor Adams is nothing short [of] stunning," Abbott told those at the event, which was held just a few blocks away from a hotel that Adams' administration transformed into an intake center for migrants. "What he has is a tiny fraction of what Texas gets every day."
Abbott, explaining why he began bussing illegal immigrants who arrived in Texas to sanctuary cities around the nation, said he had decided to do so after several local officials in his state had expressed concern about the number of migrants being dropped off by federal authorities in their communities. --->READ MORE HERE
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Texas Gov. Abbott vows to continue busing migrants to sanctuary cities ‘until we get a new president’:
Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Thursday vowed that he would continue to bus migrants out of the Lone Star State “until we get a new president.”
Abbott, 66, explained the origins of the busing program and why he decided to send more than 40,000 migrants to New York City — which he claimed wasn’t initially part of the plan — in a speech at the New York Republican Party’s annual gala in Manhattan.
The governor said he decided to start busing migrants out of Texas after local officials expressed concern with the number of migrants that were being apprehended at the border only to be dropped off in their communities by federal authorities.
Abbott claimed that at first, the plan was to only bus migrants to Washington, DC, because “neither Joe Biden nor the border czar [Vice President Kamala Harris] had actually been to the border to see the chaos and cost.”
“And so my thought process was if they’re not going to come to the border, we’re going to take the border to them,” he explained.
The governor claimed that he expanded the busing program to include New York City only after receiving criticism from Mayor Eric Adams.
“Quite literally out of nowhere Eric Adams starts criticizing me for sending them to New York City,” Abbott recalled.
“We made clear, by contacting his office, and said, ‘We’re not sending them to New York.’ We issued press releases to the press saying we’re not sending migrants to New York — that’s Joe Biden sending them to New York.” --->READ MORE HERE
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