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Johnson: Israel and UKR Need American Aid NOW; House Will Move This Week Funding Bills for UKR, IL, and TP; UKR Strikes Command Post and High-Rank RU OFCs in Crimea; UKR Repels 73 Attacks-5 Sect; 87 C-Clashes F-Line; RU Loses: 6 Tanks, 41 Art-Sys, 770 Sold P-Day, LIVE UPDATES and LOTS MORE

Go for it, Speaker Johnson: Israel and Ukraine need American aid NOW:
House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) has announced that he will push to get emergency aid for Israel and possibly Ukraine passed this week.
That’s beyond good news; as recent events are showing, there’s no time to waste.
Kudos to the speaker for standing up to the fringe elements in the GOP who are doing their best to dethrone him and stop the aid flows.
After Iran’s massive weekend attack, it’s impossible to deny that Israel needs US help urgently.
True, with help from allies, its sophisticated missile-defense systems managed to fend off the massive Iranian attack with no deaths and only one injury.
But it’s already fighting a war against Iran-backed Hamas in Gaza and looks close to opening a second front with another Iranian proxy, Hezbollah, in Lebanon.
Passing an aid bill will not only be a direct investment in regional security against Iran’s ambitions, it will salve at least some of the wounds inflicted on the US-Israel relationship by the Biden administration.
The time has come for the GOP to set aside its internal divisions over the issue and simply get the job done; thanks to a razor-thin House majority, there’s no other way.
That goes for Ukraine as well. --->READ MORE HERE
Speaker Mike Johnson says House will move separate funding bills for Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan
House Speaker Mike Johnson unveiled plans Monday for the House to hold votes this week on four separate funding bills for Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan and national security — just days after Iran escalated conflict in the Middle East by launching its first direct attack on the Jewish state.
House Republicans huddled for a conference meeting on Capitol Hill to discuss a roadmap for passing the long-stalled funding for the war-torn nations — even as Johnson faces a threat from far-right Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Ga.) to oust him over further US aid for Ukraine.
Johnson teased that the House’s aid package for Ukraine will differ from the Senate’s version that passed in February and would’ve allocated $60 billion to the war-torn ally.
“The underlying text will have some of our innovation in it with regard to accountability for funding and some of these other metrics,” he said, citing the “loan concept” as an example.
“I think you’ll see the text differs in those ways, but the overall concept is the same. It’s the same places that the funding would be sent. And you’ll see the House’s take on it.”
“Importantly, 68% of his package is the replenishment of our own munitions, our own weapons,” Johnson emphasized, before acknowledging Ukraine was “the most difficult part of this.”
Most Republican lawmakers exited the meeting supportive of the plan but were fuzzy on some of the specifics such as the details of the fourth bill planned to tackle national security issues, given that those four bills haven’t been drafted yet.
“I think the speaker is doing the right thing,” Oklahoma Rep. Kevin Hern, who chairs the influential Republican Study Committee, told reporters after leaving the closed-door session.
“The speaker’s saying, regardless of what he does or who calls for a motion to vacate, ‘I need to do the right thing,'” Hern said. “He said the conference needs to be able to vote on each one of those bills.”
“He is doing the right thing,” moderate Rep. Don Bacon (R-Neb.) affirmed. “I say if you lose your job while doing the right thing … it’s a profile in courage.” --->READ MORE HERE
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