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No RU Army in Chasiv Yar-RU TRYING to Drive UKR From Their Positions, But Situation Under Control; Fire at Machine Building in Voronezh-RU; UKR Still in Control of Novomykhailivka; UKR Repels 50+ Attacks-4 Dir; 62 C-Clashes F.Line; RU Loses: 7 Tanks, 7 Comb-Veh, 623 DRONES, 591 Sold, LIVE UPDATES and LOTS MORE

No Russian army in Chasiv Yar - Khortytsia grouping of troops:
Russia’s army is trying to drive the Ukrainian Armed Forces from their positions around Chasiv Yar, but the situation is under control
Lieutenant Colonel Nazar Voloshyn, spokesman for the Khortytsia operational and strategic grouping of troops, said on Espreso.
"Russia is putting pressure in the Bakhmut sector. The situation around the town of Chasiv Yar is difficult, but the Ukrainian Defense Forces are in full control of the situation. There is no Russian army in the town. After massive artillery shelling and air strikes, the enemy is deploying armored vehicles and trying to throw in its advanced assault groups to drive our units from their positions. Russia wants to have at least some tactical success on the battlefield," he said.
Voloshyn spoke about the forces and means that the Russian army has concentrated in this area.
"Both Russian cannon artillery and MLRS are working here quite densely, on a regular basis. The enemy also uses aviation, which causes damage with guided bombs, destroying the town of Chasiv Yar and its civilian infrastructure. According to our information, Russian paratroopers, in particular the 317th Brigade of the Russian Airborne Troops, are located opposite this section. In addition to them, there are various units that number about 25,000 troops. I want to emphasize that these troops are not the only ones storming and reaching the positions of Chasiv Yar. A certain number of personnel have gathered and are dispersed in different parts of the area," added the lieutenant colonel. --->READ MORE HERE
Fire breaks out at machine-building plant in Voronezh, Russia, killing people"
On Monday, April 22, a large-scale fire broke out at a machine-building plant in Voronezh, Russia, killing three people
TASS and the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations reported the information.
They noted that the fire occurred in a workshop for the production of electrical equipment.
According to the Baza Telegram channel, the Enikmash-V machine-building plant is on fire in Voronezh.
Later, reports indicated that the fire at the plant in Voronezh was localized on an area of 500 square meters.
At the same time, the Mash channel claims that the fire spans a purported 100 square meters, with the affected workshop area measuring 3,000 square meters. They assert that the fire originated in the warehouse, attributing it a third-level complexity rating. --->WATCH and READ MORE HERE
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