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Joe Biden’s Insane Asylum Policy Makes Life Easier for Criminals Moment They Illegally Enter US; End the ‘sanctuary city’ Protection for Illegal-Migrant Repeat Perps

Manhattan District Attorney's Of
Joe Biden’s insane asylum policy makes life easier for criminals moment they illegally enter US:
Imagine you’re a healthy young man who made your living with a knife and a gun in Venezuela, Honduras or Haiti.
You get to the American border with Mexico, cross over with no papers and, coached by leftist lawyers, tell a harried border patrol agent you demand asylum.
You don’t have a legitimate reason, but the agent is too busy filling out forms for the hundreds of people behind you to care.
The Catholic Charities welcome wagon showers you with goodies and treats you like the persecuted migrant you claim to be.
You accept a bus ticket to New York and marvel at how easy it all is, just like your cousins, who came in January, said it would be.
The ride is long but comfortable and you’re greeted like a long-lost relative when the bus stops in Manhattan at the Midtown bus terminal.
More smiling greeters shake your hand and give you another bag of freebies, including a phone.
They direct you to another bus, which takes you to the Roosevelt Hotel on Madison Avenue.
It’s overflowing with young men.
Women are selling chicken and rice out of coolers.
One man is getting a haircut on the street.
Welcome to New York.
The chaos feels like home, only with bigger buildings.
You see a guy you knew there and he offers you a “job.”
Fill a garbage bag with anything you can grab at a pharmacy and you’ll get paid, he says.
Why not?
You paid a cartel $10,000 to get here, and you’re broke.
Soon you’re “shopping” in a nearby CVS.
Again, you marvel at how easy it is.
Employees say hello when you arrive, and don’t try to stop you as you fill your large bag and leave.
What a country! --->READ MORE HERE
Helayne Seidman 
End the ‘sanctuary city’ protection for illegal-migrant repeat perps
In theory, the millions of “asylum seekers” that Team Biden has waved into the US interior are all on parole, subject to deportation if they break more laws — so why does the NYPD find itself arresting them again and again?
The latest news is the arrest of five migrant shoplifters — including at least two with multiple priors — who attacked cops at a Target last week: How were those two, Yusneiby Machado and Brayan Freites, not already in ICE custody?
The state’s ridiculous no-bail law explains why they weren’t in jail, but it’s Gotham’s “sanctuary city” statute that prevents law enforcement from calling in Immigration and Customs Enforcement, let alone handing perps directly over.
And it keeps happening:
  • Yorman Reveron, another suspect in the Times Square cop-assault case, had two open cases in Manhattan for assault and robbery before that outrage.
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