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Dem. Sen. Tim Kaine: ‘Irresponsible’ to Call Illegal Immigrants Who Attacked National Guard an ‘invasion’; February Data Shows New Record High For Biden’s Border Invasion; Over 256,000 Illegal Border Crossers in February, Highest for the Month in History

Omar Ornelas/El Paso Times via AP
Sen. Tim Kaine: ‘Irresponsible’ to call illegal immigrants who attacked National Guard an ‘invasion’:
Sen. Tim Kaine said Sunday the U.S. has an “immigration crisis” but suggested it is dangerous to label it as anything else, including the more than 100 migrants who last week knocked over Texas National Guard troops after breaking through razor wire.
“I don’t think it’s an invasion. It’s an immigration crisis. It’s a national security issue,” the Virginia Democrat said on “Fox News Sunday.” “I think you got to be careful throwing around words like ‘invasion.’ It was that kind of wording that led the deranged guy to go shoot up the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh killing folks a couple years ago. I think that kind of rhetoric is irresponsible.”
In a chaotic scene emblematic of the surge of illegal immigration at the southern border, Texas National Guard troops were seen in video being overpowered by migrants, who trampled razor wire and pushed past the troops. --->READ MORE HERE
Image Credit: USCBP/Flickr
February Data Shows New Record High For Biden’s Border Invasion:
The invasion at the Southern U.S. border intensified last month when more than 189,900 illegal border crossers were caught entering the United States.
That statistic marks the highest number of illegal border crossers recorded in any February since U.S. Customs and Border Protection began tracking apprehensions in 2000. It also comes on the heels of the most single-month foreign trespasser encounters ever, more than 300,000, recorded by border officials in December.
As illegal immigration continues to dominate voters’ concerns heading into the 2024 election, President Joe Biden and his allies in corporate media are doing their best to cover up the ongoing influx of foreigners. When the administration and outlets aren’t refusing to mention the crisis, they are spinning and downplaying the data to detract criticism from the Democrat regime.
“Arrests for illegal border crossings nudge up in February but still among lowest of Biden presidency,” ABC News declared.
“Among the lowest of Biden presidency” doesn’t mean much after three years of record-breaking crossings, crime, and trafficking that can all be traced back to Biden’s first day in office, when he reversed his predecessor’s border security measures. --->READ MORE HERE
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+++++ Over 256,000 illegal border crossers in February, highest for the month in history+++++

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