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Vets Band Together to Repair Mexican Border Wall: 'We are under attack'; Border Vets Group Patching Up Gaps In California Border Wall That Have Been Ignored by Feds

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Vets band together to repair Mexican border wall: 'We are under attack':
A group of veterans is working to repair sections of the southern border wall in an apparent act of defiance against President Joe Biden.
The group of at least eight members calls themselves “Border Vets” and uses razor wire and sandbags to repair holes in the border wall between California and Mexico. The gaps have recently allowed migrants free passage into the country, according to reports.
Writing about his efforts, veteran Brett Christenson said the group was created out of a desire to uphold their oath to defend the country.
“Border Vets was born out of need and out of an obligation to an oath that we took to defend our nation from all enemies foreign and domestic,” Christenson said. “We are under attack from both currently and it is time to take a stand and fight back. The Biden administration wants to see our country burn and we’re here to tell them we are done and we will take matters into our own hands.”
Aiding the group is Republican congressional candidate from California and former Marine Kate Monroe. --->READ MORE HERE
Border Vets group patching up gaps in California border wall that have been ignored by feds:
A group of California veterans have taken it upon themselves to seal gaps in the US-Mexico border, planting metal stakes and razor wire in hotspots where thousands of migrants have been illegally sneaking through.
The “Border Vets” have been focussing their work on Jacumba Hot Springs in the mountains around 60 miles east of San Diego, which has become a popular migrant crossing in recent months.
“Whoever it is you’re waiting to do this for you, they’re not coming. It’s going to be people like us, people like America’s veterans,” retired marine Kate Monroe told Border Report.
“It’s really serious for everybody here that we protect our nation. The holes that we can find (in the border wall), we’re going to go ahead and get the razor wire and do our best to defend our country.”
Customs and Border Protection emphasizes the public is prohibited from altering, modifying, or fixing the border barrier, and only authorized border patrol agents and contractors have that authority.
Despite that, Monroe said the vets carry out their work routinely and claimed the border patrol agents they’ve encountered don’t stop them putting up razor wire and are generally grateful for their help.
Migrants — increasingly arriving from Central Asia, Africa and China, as well as South America — illegally sneak across the border near Jacumba Hot Springs and wait at an unofficial camp for Border Patrol, who arrive with buses and transport them to a processing facility. --->READ MORE HERE
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