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Aaron Bushnell, Who Burned Himself Alive, Cheered Murder of U.S. Soldiers; Reckless Lefties Celebrate Aaron Bushnell’s Suicide — and Don’t Care if It Prompts Copycats; How Did The Anti-Israel Guy Who Set Himself On Fire Get A Security Clearance?

Aaron Bushnell, Who Burned Himself Alive, Cheered Murder of U.S. Soldiers:
When Aaron Bushnell, an Antifa member and Air Force Airman, set himself on fire in front of the Israeli embassy in Washington D.C., Hamas supporters in this country made him into a martyr.
Cornel West praised Bushnell’s “extraordinary courage and commitment”, Roger Waters celebrated him as an “All-American Hero” and the media emphasized his military role.
In reality, Aaron Bushnell was a member of radical anarchist groups on social media, he wanted to leave the Air Force and cheered the killings of members of the U.S. military.
When three black Army soldiers were murdered in an Iranian-backed Islamic terror attack back in January, Aaron Bushnell posted it to the Antifa ACAB (All Cops are Bastards) Reddit group with a mocking “OhNoAnyway.jpg” meme.
“The cops are the domestic military and the military is the international police. They are bad for the exact same reasons,” Aaron Bushnell posted in the ensuing debate.
Bushnell believed that Islamic terrorists killing U.S. military personnel was justified, arguing that, “I work for the air force and would also have no right to complain about violent resistance against my actions.”
In a previous exchange he warned another user against joining the military and argued again that the murder of Americans was justified. “The US DoD is one of the most powerfully evil institutions to ever disgrace the face of this planet. You will have blood on your hands that you will never be able to wash off. There are many people who suffer under the imperial boot who would have every reason to wish you dead, and they would be justified. Don’t do it.
When asked by another anarchist as to whether joining the military would provide him with the skills to conduct domestic terrorism, Bushnell appeared skeptical. “
It’s very unlikely that you get any kind of ‘proper training’ that would be useful in a revolutionary context,” he suggested. The military was “a neo-feudal institution plugged into the broader neoliberal system. It runs on nothing but coercion, toxic masculinity, and brainwashing.”
Aaron Bushnell’s comments reveal that he wanted out of the Air Force and believed it was evil.
“I joined thinking I was doing my part to make the world a better place. Then I realized we’re the baddies, and the only way to make the world a better place is to get out,”
Bushnell, who died in support of the Hamas war against Israel, not only supported the Islamic terror group, but also justified the destruction of Israel and the murder of Jews. --->READ MORE HERE
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Reckless lefties celebrate Aaron Bushnell’s suicide — and don’t care if it prompts copycats:
Progressives say they are really concerned about responsibly and sensitively handling mental-health issues.
That’s why we need trigger warnings, sensitivity readers and all that nonsense, right?
But for some on the left, all that goes out the window when there’s a chance to weaponize mental health to push an agenda they agree with — so much so that they’re evidently willing to exploit and glorify a suicide.
At least that’s sure what it looks like, after the shocking and reckless way many prominent left-wing figures have responded to the suicide of Aaron Bushnell, an active member of the Air Force who died by suicide Sunday in an act of protest against Israel’s war in Gaza.
While we should all feel compassion for the struggles of a person who was clearly deeply unwell, you’d think that even the most ardent Palestine supporters would be careful not to glorify his death given the well-studied “contagion” effect this can have on prompting additional suicides.
You’d be wrong.
Left-wing academic and presidential candidate Cornel West tweeted praising Bushnell’s “extraordinary courage and commitment” and said he “died for truth and justice.”
Similarly, Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein tweeted out his last words and urged, “Rest in Power Aaron Bushnell.”
Former Pink Floyd member Roger Waters called him an “All American Hero.”
Socialist influencer Owen Jones, who boasts a whopping 1.1 million Twitter followers, wrote, “Aaron Bushnell died because he had too much humanity for a world run by people who don’t have any.”
Activist Aya Hijazi added that Bushnell was not just a “hero” but also a “martyr.”
You get the idea.
Social-media post after social-media post praised Bushnell as some form of hero, telling millions of people that suicide is a courageous and legitimate form of political protest. --->READ MORE HERE
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