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UKR surprise Tank Raid Wipes Out RU Force Accumulation Near Kupiansk; UKR Destroys RU Ship Used as a Command Center; Fire Breaks Out in Warehouse in Moscow Region; 54 Combat Clashes in F-Line; RU Loses: 8 Tanks, 33 Art-Sys, 920 Sold, 1 'Akhmat' Unit Cmdr, LIVE UPDATES and LOTS MORE

Frontline report: Ukrainians conduct vicious surprise tank raid, wipe out Russian force accumulation near Kupiansk:
Ukraine launched a devastating surprise tank raid near Kupiansk, Ukrainian armor catching accumulated Russian forces off guard and wiping them out before their planned offensive in the region could begin.
Today, there are a lot of updates from the Kupiansk direction.
Here, Russian forces have continued their attacks in an attempt to advance towards Kupiansk and the Oskil River.
Their primary objective here is taking the city and the whole area east of the river, thus allowing them to control a vital buffer zone up to the Luhansk border. For the Russian command, complete control of this border is one of the main objectives of the so-called special military operation.
In the southern part of this region, the key stronghold is Kyslivka.
Russian forces are not directly attacking this stronghold but appear to have decided to attack the settlement from the flanks and try to encircle it. In order to achieve this goal, Russian forces have been conducting attacks around Tabaivka on the southern flank and around Orlianske on the northern flank.
When it comes to Tabaivka, after Ukrainians deployed reserves to counterattack Russian forces and localize the Russian breakthrough, the situation stabilized. --->READ MORE HERE
Russian stuff blowing up: Ukraine attacks a grounded cargo ship used as a command center:
Ukraine destroyed another Russian ship — but this one isn’t part of the Black Sea fleet.
This one appears to be a cargo vessel and it is run aground in the Dnipro River down river from Kherson. It got there during the flood that ensued when Russia blew up the dam on the river.
Ukraine bombed this ship because it was being used by the Russians as an command center/observation station.
Reports indicate that Colonel Gen. Mikhail Teplinsky, commander of Russia’s airborne troops, may have been in the ship at the time. But there is no confirmation of that so keep the champagne in the fridge for now.
Teplinsky is a veteran of Transnistria and both Chechen wars. With the public disappearance of Gen. Valery Gerasimov, it was Teplinsky who was said to be running the show.
Normally I would say it is hard to imagine that such a high-ranking commander would take the risk of visiting a forward command post, but Zelenskyy has done it more than once.
There are also reports that Russian blogger Yegor Guzenko, known as “Thirteenth,” was killed in the attack.
But some reports say that Thirteenth was shot by Kadryovites. As usual — the fog of war is thick.
/1. Strike on the ship which was presumably used as Russian base/observation point. The ship ended up there as a result of a dam destruction. Left bank Kherson region. (46.5064328, 32.1549024)https://t.co/c1NLrXInv4 pic.twitter.com/4XzSazlCPo

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