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Enlisting Illegals Won’t Fix The Military’s Recruiting Crisis, But It Will Create A National Security One; Tucker Carlson Compares US to Fall of Roman Empire

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Enlisting Illegals Won’t Fix The Military’s Recruiting Crisis, But It Will Create A National Security One:
One of the numerous reasons for the decline of the Roman Empire was an overreliance on foreigners serving in its military. American leadership would be wise to heed that lesson.
As the empire went into decline, rulers such as Constantine and Diocletian hired foreign mercenaries to fill the military’s ranks, a policy stemming from their inability to bring enough native Romans into service to maintain the empire’s vast territory. Little did they know this decision would contribute to their civilization’s eventual downfall.
Because these foreign brutes shared little to no values with the Romans, they had no loyalty to the empire and its culture. So when the Visigoths sacked Rome in 410 A.D., many of the foreigners employed by the Romans turned against their newfound countrymen and sided with the enemy, helping cast one of the world’s greatest civilizations into the dustbin of history.
Rather than learn from these past mistakes, America’s political leaders seem destined to repeat them. Case in point: the halls of Congress, where Democrat Rep. Pat Ryan of New York and Republican Rep. John James of Michigan introduced legislation earlier this month to fast-track a path to citizenship for foreign nationals who sign up to serve in the U.S. military. Both congressmen indicated the measure was crafted to alleviate the military’s recruiting crisis.
The “Courage to Serve Act” tasks the secretaries of defense and homeland security with crafting a “pilot program” that would “provide for an expedited process for adjustment of status for certain aliens.” To qualify for the program, foreign nationals must successfully pass an FBI background investigation and submit an application proving they have “no lawful status under the immigration laws; or temporary protected status under … the Immigration and Nationality Act,” are not “inadmissible to the United States,” and are “otherwise eligible for enlistment in the Armed Forces” at the time of application.
This would include asylum seekers and those “waiting for work authorization,” according to Fox 5 New York.
After “not later” than 180 days in the military, program participants “shall submit an application for adjustment of status to that of an alien lawfully admitted for permanent residency.” Aliens who complete three years of “honorable service” in the military, one year of active-duty status, or at least 30 days in a “designated combat zone” would have their cases expedited for consideration by the secretary of homeland security.
Foreign nationals enrolled in the program are furthermore protected from detainment and removal proceedings. --->READ MORE HERE
Ian Maule
Tucker Carlson Compares US to Fall of Roman Empire:
Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson has suggested a bipartisan proposal allowing some illegal migrants to join the U.S. military would lead to conditions that mirror the fall of the Roman Empire.
Carlson said in a one-minute video shared to YouTube on Monday that Rome fell because its military "became dominated by non-citizens." The conservative pundit then suggested that history could repeat itself with a House proposal that would recruit qualified migrants who crossed the border illegally into the U.S. military.
Democratic Congressman Pat Ryan of New York and Republican Congressman John James of Michigan recently proposed a bill known as the Courage to Serve Act, which would allow certain unlawful migrants who are "qualified and vetted" to apply for permanent residence and be put on a path to citizenship if they join the military.
"Why did Rome fall?" Carlson says during the video. "Everyone agrees one of the reasons is pretty obvious: The Roman military, its legions, became dominated by non-citizens, who in the end—because they weren't loyal to Rome, turned against Rome's citizens. Hmm."
"So knowing that as we do, consider this series of facts," he continues. "This country has been flooded with tens of millions of illegal aliens. At least 7.2 million, that's the official number that have entered since Joe Biden became president." --->READ MORE HERE
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