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Tucker RIPS OPEN the Curtain On Allegedly ‘safe and effective’ COVID Vaccine and Death Rate; Sen. Joni Ernst Slams Biden Admin for Funneling $2.8M for ‘high-risk pathogens’ Research in Guinea, and other C-Virus related stories

Tucker RIPS OPEN the curtain on allegedly ‘safe and effective’ COVID vaccine and death rate
During the latest episode of Tucker Carlson’s program, Dr. Pierre Kory revealed the truth about the allegedly “safe and effective” COVID vaccine.
Kory is the president and co-founder of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC), a group dedicated to preventing and treating COVID-19. And so he has a lot of experience with COVID and its costs.
Its extensive, extensive, extensive costs.
“I mean, we have estimates for how many people have been killed. We have pretty precise estimates for how many people have landed on the disability roles. And all of those deaths and entries onto disability are timed with the onset of the vaccination rollout,” he told Carlson.
“You cannot argue against the temporal association. I mean, the vaccination rollout is when all of the numbers started going sideways. The excess mortality started to skyrocket. The disability claims started to skyrocket. So it’s an immense cost,” he added.
Ep. 81 They’re still claiming the Covid vax is safe and effective. Yet somehow Dr. Pierre Kory treats hundreds of patients who’ve been badly injured by it. Why is no one in the public health establishment paying attention?

— Tucker Carlson (@TuckerCarlson) March 13, 2024
The thing is, Kory continued, the costs continue to rise, despite the pandemic having receded years ago, precisely because, it would appear, of the continued usage of the COVID vaccine.
“In 2023 alone, in the first nine months, we had what’s called an excess mortality of 158,000 Americans,” he said. “That 158,000 is not all from vaccines. There’s a portion that is from COVID. Obviously, we [also] have other societal ills which are troubling. We have a drug epidemic. We have deaths of despair. But those are actually pretty well accounted for and been going on for [awhile].” --->READ MORE HERE
Sen. Joni Ernst slams Biden admin for funneling $2.8M for ‘high-risk pathogens’ research in Guinea:
The Biden administration shows no signs of stopping research on “pathogens of pandemic potential” abroad through a controversial US nonprofit, Sen. Joni Ernst said Monday, as the Pentagon will complete a $2.8 million grant this year for experiments on “high-risk pathogens” in Guinea.
The Department of Defense began funding Georgetown University in September 2021 for a three-year project out of its Defense Threat Reduction Agency focused on “reducing the risk of pathogens causing fever” in Guinea, a grant database shows.
EcoHealth Alliance has received subgrants as part of the project — despite concerns from lawmakers and scientific experts that the Manhattan-based nonprofit has used US taxpayers’ money to fund “risky” research in the past — including at a lab in Wuhan, China, the city where the COVID-19 pandemic started.
“It’s clear EcoHealth can’t be trusted — with dollars or dangerous diseases — after they funneled taxpayer dollars to fund Chinese-run risky research in Wuhan,” Ernst (R-Iowa) told The Post.
“That’s why Congress approved my proposal to audit the defense dollars flowing to and through EcoHealth to pay for batty experiments in China or anywhere else. Even after my provision, more funds have already found their way to Ecohealth Alliance. We must stop this before they are used to make the world a less safe place.” --->READ MORE HERE
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