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Record 3.2 Million Migrants To Cross In, Take US Jobs; Biden on Pace to Break Illegal Immigration Record AGAIN as 310K Migrants Already Stopped at Arizona Border for 2024

Joel Martinez/The Monitor via AP
Record 3.2 Million Migrants To Cross In, Take US Jobs:
A record 3.2 million migrants are expected to cross into the United States this year, 1 million more than during past spikes in the Reagan and Clinton eras, according to a new outlook.
“We forecast U.S. southwest border encounters by Customs and Border Patrol at 2.7 million for FY 2024, based on the last three months of data, adjusted seasonally. Apprehensions look to come in just a hair above 2023 levels. Inadmissibles, those presenting at official crossing points without appropriate documentation, are slated to rise by almost 200,000,” Princeton Policy Advisors said in its latest analysis.
Add in parolees and “gotaways,” and the number jumps another 500,000.
“Undocumented entry has exploded under the Biden administration’s Open Borders policy, rising from an estimated 1.1 million in 2021 to our forecast of 3.2 million for 2024,” the report said.
President Steven Kopits added in his report that at 3.2 million, the flood of illegal immigrants will likely swamp new job openings, creating preelection tension from blue-collar and low-wage workers over President Joe Biden’s open border policies.
“We forecast that undocumented entry will exceed U.S. job growth in 2024. Thus, the resentments seen last year will likely become exacerbated as the U.S. economy is unable to fully absorb arriving migrants. For President Biden and Democrats, this represents a huge risk. The path to defeat in November is not principally through disaffected independents and moderate Republicans, but rather through low-wage blacks and Hispanics who will turn to Trump in fear that another four years of Open Borders will gut their wages,” Kopits said in his report shared with Secrets. --->READ MORE HERE
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Biden on pace to break illegal immigration record AGAIN as 310K migrants already stopped at Arizona border for 2024:
Statistics from the United States Customs and Border Protection showed that President Biden's administration is already on pace to break the record for border encounters at the southwest land border for the third straight year.
These figures are disappointingly showcased in Arizona, where the Tucson sector agents have apprehended almost 313,000 illegal immigrants in just the first five months of fiscal year 2024.
To put that figure into perspective, the first five months of FY2024 already encroaches on the total number of encounters in the Tucson sector for all of 2023, which was 373,625. As Blaze News previously reported, that number was 251,984 in 2022.
John Modlin, chief patrol agent of the U.S. Border Patrol's Tucson Sector, reported that 12,200 apprehensions were made in the first week of March 2024 alone.
This included 19 human smuggling cases.
According to Breitbart, the sector has seen a 170% increase compared to the same period of 2023.
Despite a dip in encounters at the southwest land border for January 2024, official CBP data showed that the Biden administration is on pace to easily set another record for most land border encounters in a single year.
Starting in October 2023, the first four months of FY2024 saw about 241,000, 242,000, 300,000, and 175,000 illegal encounters, respectively. At an average of more than 240,000 per month, the total number of border encounters is set to reach a whopping 2,884,611 for the entire fiscal year, easily eclipsing 2023. --->READ MORE HERE
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