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"The burning shall continue": UKR's Attacks On RU's Oil Refineries; RU’s Belgorod Rgn is Under Attack Again; 13 Injured from Debris as All 31 RU Missiles Aimed at Kyiv Downed; Lyman Remains Out of RU Reach; 67 Combat Clashes; RU Loses: 750 Sold, 26 Art-Sys, 10 UAV's, LIVE UPDATES and LOTS MORE

"The burning shall continue": What lies behind Ukraine's attacks on Russia's oil refineries, and how have they impacted the Kremlin?
Will Ukraine continue to attack Russian oil infrastructure, and how could this affect the war?
With each passing day, the intensity and frequency of Ukrainian drone attacks against Russian oil refineries increases. Since the beginning of this year (2024) alone, more than ten major oil refineries and depots have been damaged, some of them enduring multiple strikes.
The main goal of these attacks is to reduce the capability of the military, as fuel from Russian oil refineries is transported to Ukraine where it powers hostile tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and aircraft.
This also causes the Russian economy to suffer, which reduces the ability of the Kremlin war machine to conduct attacks on residential buildings and kill civilians .
According to Ekonomichna Pravda, it is highly likely that mysterious drones will continue to attack Russia's oil infrastructure in the future, causing further destruction and damage to the aggressor. How does this affect Russia's economy and oil industry?
Where are the drones hitting?
Russia has about 30 large oil refineries and dozens of small ones. The aggressor country produces more than 530 million tonnes of oil per year, about 280 million tonnes of which are processed at domestic facilities.
"Ironically, Putin was the one who, during his time as prime minister, contributed to the development of the oil refining sector and scaled it up significantly - all of which he has now undone with his invasion of Ukraine, nullifying his past economic achievements.
First, Western sanctions were imposed upon Russian oil refining, and now the industry is a legitimate target for Ukraine's Defence and Security Forces," says Oleksandr Sirenko, an analyst at the Naftorynok consulting company.
Since the beginning of 2024 alone, dozens of Russian refineries and oil depots have been attacked by drones.
"In some places, they struck fuel tanks, and in other cases, the refineries were shut down for several months due to the destruction," says the source in the Ukrainian parliament. --->READ MORE HERE
Russia’s Belgorod Region Is Under Attack Again from Ukraine. Why Does It Keep Getting Targeted?
Russia’s Belgorod region has come under increasing Ukrainian attacks this month as the invasion by Moscow grinds into its third year.
A look at the region and its role in the war:
What is the Belgorod region?
The region of forests, farmland and rolling hills has a 540-kilometer (335-mile) border along Ukraine’s northeastern edge. It has an area of over 27,000 square kilometers (about 10,500 square miles), and has a population of about 1.5 million.
It holds about 40% of Russia's iron ore and other minerals, and is home to several major industrial companies and farms.
The city of Belgorod, the provincial capital with a population of about 340,000, sits only 40 kilometers (25 miles) east of the border, making it an easy target for Ukrainian artillery.
What has the region faced?
The region was one staging ground for the invasion by Russia in February 2022. It has come under regular Ukrainian attacks ever since Russian forces retreated there from northeastern Ukraine early in the war under the brunt of a counteroffensive by Kyiv.
An attack on the city of Belgorod on Dec. 30 marked a bloody escalation. A barrage of rockets struck on a holiday weekend as residents celebrated the New Year. Officials said 25 people were killed, including five children, and over 100 were injured.
The bloodshed also forced officials to cancel celebrations for the Orthodox feast of Epiphany on Jan. 19.
Regular rocket and drone strikes have continued since then. The area can be struck by relatively simple and mobile weapons such as multiple rocket launchers from forests on the Ukrainian side. --->READ MORE HERE
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