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Schumer Warns Israel to Spare Hamas or Face Sanctions: The Terrorists May Not Have Won in Israel, but They Won Within the Democratic Party; Biden Regime Invites Hamas-Linked CAIR to the White House _ Then Lies About It

Schumer Warns Israel to Spare Hamas or Face Sanctions:
The terrorists may not have won in Israel, but they won within the Democratic Party.
Senator Chuck Schumer stood at the Senate podium and laid out his vision of the “four obstacles to peace”. These, according to the Senate Majority Leader were, Hamas, “right wing Israelis”, PLO terrorist leader Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
Having equated Israeli conservatives to Hamas, Schumer demanded that Israel call a new election and remove its current government from power. And if Israelis did not choose to obey, he warned that the “United States will have no choice but to play a more active role in shaping Israeli policy by using our leverage to change the present course.”
That is an obvious euphemism for anything from the withdrawal of aid to economic sanctions.
If the Israelis vote wrongly again, the Biden administration “should use the tools at its disposal to make sure our support for Israel is aligned with our broader goal of achieving long-term peace and stability.” Peace and stability paradoxically means a ‘Palestinian’ terrorist state.
What did Netanyahu do wrong? According to Schumer, he won’t commit to a terrorist state and insists on finishing off Hamas in Rafah. Or as Schumer put it in his Orwellian tortured diction, he “won’t commit to a military operation in Rafah that prioritizes protecting civilian life.” The kind of operation the Biden administration has in mind is a few targeted strikes on Hamas leaders when no civilians are around. That’s the way we fought and lost in Afghanistan. Biden would like to turn Israel into another Afghanistan with Hamas as the Taliban.
In plain language, Schumer is warning Israel to stop its war on Hamas or face sanctions.
The subtext is that Schumer and the Jewish Democratic leadership have come around to giving Hamas a pass in order to appease the Hamas supporters of Dearborn, Michigan.
Schumer was more or less subtle about it while the Jewish Democratic Council of America said the quiet part out loud in its statement praising h
is speech “as we consider an end to this conflict, which has taken far too many innocent lives.” That line could have come from J Street.
In his speech, Schumer whined that he was “anguished that the Israeli war campaign has killed so many innocent Palestinians” and warned that “Israel has a moral obligation to do better.” The leftist politician clamored that “what horrifies so many Jews especially is our sense that Israel is falling short of upholding these distinctly Jewish values.”
This familiar “as a Jew” rhetoric is largely indistinguishable from that of anti-Israel groups such as J Street and JVP except that Schumer still hedges somewhat by blaming Hamas for it. Schumer even manages to suggest that proponents of destroying Israel are motivated by “idealism”. Meanwhile, Jewish opponents of a terrorist state are “offensive” and “extremist”. --->READ MORE HERE
Biden Regime Invites Hamas-Linked CAIR to the White House:
Then lies about it.
Every aspect of this story is bad, and each horrifying aspect is competing with the others for which can have the most negative consequences for the American people. After Jews suffered attacks in Chicago, the Biden regime reached out not to Jewish leaders, but to Muslim groups, including open supporters of Hamas. The Muslims, however, enraged at the regime’s continued (albeit hollow) support for Israel, refused to show. Then a Biden regime wonk lied brazenly and denied that one of the worst of the Muslim groups was even invited. This is the state of our staggered, sputtering republic in the fourth year of this radically anti-American and anti-democratic regime.
This latest imbroglio started when Politico reported Thursday that “Illinois leaders in the Palestinian communities angry over how President Joe Biden has handled the Middle East war have turned down a request by the White House to meet in Chicago today.” We can see who is claiming the moral high ground, and who has the upper hand. After Hamas brutally and gleefully murdered 1,200 Israelis on Oct. 7, 2023, Islamic groups and their leftist allies immediately began to claim victimhood at any sign of Israeli self-defense, fabricating casualty numbers before a world that was all too eager to be fooled, and even preposterously claiming that Israel was conducting a “genocide” when independent observers have dubbed the IDF “the most moral army in the world.”
Despite all that, Muslim and leftist leaders around the world know that making wild claims about Israel and affecting a posture of aggrieved victimhood can win them ready concessions from the U.S., the European Union, and the United Nations, and so they’ve been striking victim poses aggressively since Oct. 7. It has worked. The Biden regime is on its heels, desperately worried by threats from the likes of Nihad Awad of the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the winsome Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Ramallah) to withhold the Muslim vote if the regime doesn’t betray Israel. And so it has been doing just that, step by step, in slow motion: $100 million to Gaza, $10 billion to Hamas’ financiers, the Islamic Republic of Iran, and ever-increasing pressure on the Netanyahu government.
Meanwhile, the regime keeps trying to placate the Muslim and Arab groups inside the U.S.: “Tom Perez, a senior adviser to the president, and other advisers had planned to sit down in three separate meetings with various Palestinian, Arab and Muslim leaders and elected officials to talk about tensions in the Middle East. The private meetings were to come on the heels of similar gatherings in Detroit.” The professional victims, however, stayed in character: “But most folks contacted turned down the request, according to six people we talked to. Any meeting being held will be with a smaller group of players.” --->READ MORE HERE
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