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RU Border Region Reels from Sustained UKR Artillery and Drone Strikes; UKR Attacks RU Strategic Airfield in Engels; UKR Drones Attack Factory Producing Instruments for Planes, Helicopters In Kursk; UKR Repel 44 Attacks in 4 Sectors; 67 Combat Clashes, RU Loses: 700 Sold, 9 Tanks, 16 Art-Sys, LIVE UPDATES and LOTS MORE

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A Russian border region reels from sustained Ukrainian artillery and drone strikes:
A Russian border region being pounded by Ukrainian shelling and drones is expanding its closure of schools and colleges amid a major evacuation plan, authorities announced Wednesday, as Kyiv’s forces extend their campaign of long-range strikes that aim to put the Kremlin under pressure.
Ukraine lacks ammunition supplies along the 1,000-kilometer (620-mile) front line because of a shortfall in promised Western supplies, which is one of the main factors forcing its army to take a more defensive stance. But at the same time, it’s attacking oil facilities deep inside Russia and seeking to unnerve Russia’s border regions.
Some Belgorod schools near the border will close early before school holidays, regional Gov. Vyacheslav Gladkov announced, after Ukraine shelling continued to cause deaths and injuries among the local population.
Schools in and around the city of Belgorod will close Wednesday through Friday, he said. Also, universities and colleges will switch to remote learning, and clubs and cultural, sports and other educational institutions will stay closed.
The measures were announced a day after the governor unveiled plans to evacuate about 9,000 children from the region and several days after a rubber-stamp presidential election in Russia in which President Vladimir Putin extended his rule in a landslide.
Despite the attacks, the official voting turnout in the Belgorod region was 87%, and Putin officially captured 90.66% of the vote, which has been described as a sham by Ukraine and its Western allies.
Ukraine’s attacks on Russian soil have embarrassed the Kremlin. A Dec. 30 artillery strike on the center of Belgorod city killed 21 people, including three children, local officials said. --->READ MORE HERE
Ukrainian Drones Attack russian Strategic Airfield in Engels, Satellite Images Confirm 11 Aircraft on Site:
The russian city of Engels, where the strategic aviation airfield of the russian federation is located, was attacked by Ukrainian drones on the night of March 20th. The air distance from the Engels airfield to the borders of Ukraine is 614 km
It was the work of the Defense Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. The information comes from Ukrainian Pravda, citing their own sources.
According to the sources, "The Ukrainian-made Lyutyi long-range kamikaze drone performed impressively. The demilitarization and decommunization of Engels will continue."
Russian Telegram channels reported that the city was attacked by drones overnight, and this was confirmed by the governor of the region, Roman Busargin. The russian Ministry of Defense also reported the destruction of four Ukrainian UAVs over the Saratov region.
According to russian Telegram channel SHOT, residents reported hearing engine sounds in the sky before powerful explosions occurred in Engels. Eyewitnesses claim to have heard 2 to 4 loud explosions.
Note that in Engels, there is a military airbase where strategic Tu-160 and Tu-95MS long-range bombers are stationed, and these bombers have conducted strikes on Ukraine. --->READ MORE HERE
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