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How ‘Sanctuary Cities’ Are Costing American Lives; Which Cities, Counties and States in the US are ‘sanctuary’ jurisdictions? Here is a Full List of All the 'sanctuary' Cities, Counties and States

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How ‘Sanctuary Cities’ Are Costing American Lives: The BorderLine:
According to a former Immigration and Customs Enforcement official, ICE asked police in Montgomery County, Maryland, 119 times this year to detain and hand over criminal aliens they had arrested. The criminals’ records included “convictions for assault, robbery, illegal firearms, sex abuse of a minor, rape, and MS-13 gang membership,” former official John Feere said. Montgomery County didn’t honor a single request.
ICE “detainers” are a request from federal law enforcement to their state and local colleagues to let them know when a foreign national (“alien” in immigration law) is going to be released from custody after having been arrested or after having served time for a criminal conviction. This is so ICE can take them into federal custody pending removal, or during any legal process needed to deport them.
Illegal aliens are deportable under immigration law simply for being here illegally, but they can apply for relief such as asylum. Some have legitimate asylum cases, fearing for their lives if they are returned to their home countries, but the majority clog the system with bogus claims so they can stay in the United States for years—oftentimes, indefinitely. But being convicted of a crime makes illegal aliens doubly deportable under other sections of the law.
When detainers are honored, ICE can lock potentially violent alien suspects or convicts safely away from the public. Unfortunately, many local and even state governments in the U.S. have “sanctuary” policies, one of which is to refuse to inform ICE when they arrest or release an alien.
What this means for Americans from Atlantic City, New Jersey, to Zebulon, New Mexico, is that convicts who are highly likely to reoffend are being released into their neighborhoods every day. For the leftists currently controlling U.S. immigration policy, the ideology of open borders and defunding law enforcement trumps your safety and security every time.
Here are a few examples of how sanctuary jurisdictions’ refusal to honor detainers puts Americans at risk. --->READ MORE HERE
Immigration and Customs Enforcement
Which cities, counties and states in the US are ‘sanctuary’ jurisdictions?
Here is a full list of all the 'sanctuary' cities, counties and states
"Sanctuary" jurisdictions, which do not cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detainers as a policy, are once again under the spotlight after a slew of violent crimes were committed by illegal immigrants, who were released despite having a detainer lodged against them.
When ICE believes a removable illegal immigrant has been arrested on criminal charges, it will lodge a detainer -- a request that they be notified before the immigrant is released from custody and to keep them in custody until ICE can take custody of them.
But sanctuary jurisdictions generally do not honor detainers, sometimes arguing that it is not their responsibility and that doing so has a chilling effect on relations between immigrants and the community.
"When law enforcement agencies fail to honor immigration detainers and release serious criminal offenders onto the streets, it undermines ICE’s ability to protect public safety and carry out its mission," ICE’s website warns.
For the below list of sanctuary jurisdictions, Fox News Digital has listed those with state statutes, directives, executive orders or city council ordinances. If a jurisdiction does not honor an ICE detainer, it does not necessarily qualify them as a sanctuary jurisdiction, nor does independent judgments from local law enforcement or jails.
Sanctuary jurisdictions are always evolving, often moving between declaring themselves sanctuaries and redefining their ordinances.
Here are the jurisdictions currently classed by Fox as having "sanctuary" policies. --->READ MORE HERE
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