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Mountain of Expenses: Denver’s Fiscal Woes Climb as Illegal Aliens Overwhelm City; Schools Overwhelmed as Mayor Slashes $5M from Public Services to Address Crisis; Denver Cutting Some City Employees’ Hours Down to Zero in Order to Support Migrants

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Mountain of Expenses: Denver’s Fiscal Woes Climb as Illegal Aliens Overwhelm City:
Denver is buckling under a financial crisis caused by illegal immigration. But the fault lies not in the stars, but with the city itself.
“Denver will cut hours at recreation centers, end in-person vehicle-registration renewals and eliminate spring flower beds to save $5 million this year, a response to the migrant crisis that is expected to cost the city $180 million,” the Colorado Sun reported.
But the city isn’t just cutting corners on niche city services.
According to KUSA-TV, the local NBC News affiliate, the city is asking nearly every city department—from animal shelters to the police department—to make budget cuts so they can meet the cost of the new arrivals.
City officials are also asking for the department that oversees elections to cut nearly a million dollars in an election year.
The District Attorney’s Office has been asked to make a 5% cut, despite the fact that the city has been racked by violent crime.
Like many other jurisdictions, Denver is paying the price for President Joe Biden’s border crisis—and for its own status as a sanctuary city. In 2017, the city passed an ordinance codifying its resistance to federal immigration enforcement. Then-Mayor Michael Hancock, a Democrat, said of illegal immigrants at the time: “We’ve got your backs.”
Since Biden has been in office, we see what it’s like when local and federal authorities are equally lawless: Unchecked catastrophic chaos and financial implosion. --->READ MORE HERE
Hyoung Chang/The Denver Post
Denver schools overwhelmed by migrant surge as mayor slashes $5M from public services to address crisis:
A Denver public school teacher is sounding the alarm on the strain the migrant crisis is putting on classrooms as the city's Democratic mayor cuts millions from services for residents.
"We are already 100 students over projection, and we have new students coming in weekly. We're already past the October count. So every new student that we get, we don't have the funds to provide them with resources," teacher Priscilla Rahn told "Fox & Friends" Monday.
Mayor Mike Johnston pinned the blame on Republicans and former President Trump Friday while announcing $5 million in cuts from recreation centers, DMV services and city landscaping to pay for the migrant crisis.
"The choice by Republicans in Congress to purposefully kill a historic, bipartisan border deal this week will have a devastating impact in Denver," Johnston said after the Republicans blocked a bipartisan border deal, which included a foreign aid package for Ukraine and Israel, from advancing Wednesday.
"Despite broad bipartisan support, I think [former President] Trump and Republican leaders saw this as a chance that if this bill actually passed, it would have successfully solved the problem facing cities and the border, and they would have rather seen it fail, so they could exacerbate these problems, extend the suffering of American people and of newcomers for their own electoral changes this November," he said, according to The Hill.
Rahn, a candidate for Douglas County commissioner, called the cuts "incredibly unfair" for the city's families and placed the blame directly on President Biden, Mayor Johnston and Colorado Democratic Gov. Jared Polis.
"We have seen across America and now in Denver, the large difference between liberal ideology and the reality of governing," she said. "And so the president has created this mess. And what we've seen is the mayor respond very emotionally." --->READ MORE HERE

+++++Denver cutting some city employees’ hours down to zero in order to support migrants+++++

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