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‘Madman’ Illegal Migrant Accused of Targeting Female Docs, Nurses in the Bronx is on the Lam; Bronx Horror: Edward Johnson's Rampage Against Female Healthcare Workers Escalates

‘Madman’ illegal migrant accused of targeting female docs, nurses in the Bronx is on the lam:
An unhinged madman with a long rap sheet is allegedly targeting female doctors and nurses in The Bronx — with at least four attacks over the past five years, The Post has learned.
Edward Johnson, 57, an illegal immigrant believed to be from the Caribbean who came to the United States over a decade ago, has been arrested 23 times on charges that include gun possession, according to sources and records. He has another 42 arrests that have been sealed since he arrived in the US.
He skipped out on supervised release and is on the lam, authorities said — and has a dangerous habit of attacking female healthcare workers who try to treat him.
“Every time he goes to the hospital, he beats up a nurse or a doctor,” said an NYPD source.
He has logged four such assaults at three Bronx hospitals since 2019, sources said, and a repeat victim is Colleen Leahy, an emergency room doctor at St. Barnabas. She told cops she was attacked by him in July 2022 and again last September.
“I’m afraid every day at work — every day,” said Leahy, 28, who has lost 20 pounds since the September beating because of the anxiety she feels over his impending return.
“I’m afraid my daughter will become the next Laken Riley,” said Eileen Leahy, referring to the Georgia nursing student who allegedly was murdered by an illegal immigrant from Venezuela, six months after authorities released him following a child-endangered arrest in Queens. --->READ MORE HERE
Bronx Horror: Edward Johnson's Rampage Against Female Healthcare Workers Escalates:
Edward Johnson, identified in violent assaults on Bronx healthcare workers, remains at large. His actions raise concerns over worker safety and legal accountability.
In a disturbing trend emerging from The Bronx, Edward Johnson, 57, has been identified as the perpetrator behind a series of violent assaults targeting female healthcare workers, with at least four documented attacks since 2019. Authorities are on high alert as Johnson, an illegal immigrant with a lengthy criminal history, remains at large after failing to comply with supervised release terms.
Pattern of Violence
Johnson's aggressive behavior towards female medical personnel first came to light in December 2019 following an incident at Albert Einstein Hospital where he assaulted a doctor and a nurse. Subsequent attacks occurred at three different Bronx hospitals, culminating in a July 2022 assault on Dr. Colleen Leahy at St. Barnabas Hospital, and a similar incident in September 2023. Each encounter follows a chillingly consistent pattern: Johnson, seeking medical attention, lashes out at those attempting to care for him.
Legal and Emotional Fallout
The Bronx District Attorney's office, led by Darcel Clark, has faced criticism for its handling of Johnson's case, particularly concerning its reluctance to pursue a trial due to concerns about Johnson's immigration status. Despite Johnson's eight-month detention, and a subsequent plea deal that avoided further jail time, victims like Dr. Leahy are left fearing for their safety. The decision not to proceed with a more serious charge has sparked outrage among the healthcare community and victims' families, who see Johnson's repeated releases as a failure of the justice system to protect them. --->READ MORE HERE
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