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UKR Repels 32 RU Attacks in Avdiivka Sector; UKR Forces Make Some Progress in Krynky; RU Intensifying ‘toxic’ Chemical Weapons Attacks Against UKR; Mjr Gen Barhylevych Appointed as Chief of Gen Staff; RU Using Starlink Terminals on the F-Line, LIVE UPDATES and LOTS MORE

Ukrainian army repels 32 Russian attacks in Avdiivka sector - General Staff:
On February 10, 91 combat engagements took place at the front. Ukraine's Armed Forces are holding the line on the left bank of the Dnipro River in the Kherson region
The Ukrainian Armed Forces' General Staff reported this on February 10.
Russian attacks across Ukraine
In total, Russia launched 3 missile strikes, 43 airstrikes, and 53 attacks with multiple launch rocket systems at the Ukrainian troops' positions and populated areas. Unfortunately, Russian terrorist attacks have resulted in civilian casualties. Multi-storey and private houses, as well as other civilian infrastructure, were destroyed and damaged.
Frontline situation
There were 87 combat engagements over the last day. The operational situation in eastern and southern Ukraine remains difficult.
Near the state Ukrainian border with Russia and Belarus situatio remained unchanged. No signs of the formation of offensive groups were detected. Designated units of the Belarusian armed forces are performing tasks in the areas bordering Ukraine.
At the same time, the Russian army continued shelling the entire borderline with mortars and artillery: over 30 settlements across the Chernihiv, Sumy, and Kharkiv regions were attacked.
In the Kupyansk sector, Russian forces did not conduct any offensive (assault) actions. About 10 settlements came under artillery and mortar fire.
In the Lyman sector, Ukrainian defenders repelled six enemy attacks near Terny, southeast of Vyimka and Rozdolivka in the Donetsk region, where Russian troops, supported by air power, tried to break through the Ukrainian troops' defence. Over 10 localities came under artillery and mortar fire. --->READ MORE HERE
Ukraine’s Armed Forces make some progress in Krynky - ISW:
Ukrainian defenders have made some progress in Krynky on Dnipro's left bank in the Kherson region. Meanwhile, Russian troops have recently advanced in northern Avdiivka and continued positional fighting in the area
This is stated in the report of the Institute for the Study of War (ISW).
According to a geolocation video released on February 8, Ukrainian forces have recently made some progress in Krynky on the left bank of the Dnipro River in the Kherson region.
Positional fighting reportedly continued on the eastern bank of the Kherson region on February 9.
At the same time, Russian forces recently made minor gains west of Bakhmut, and Ukrainian forces advanced southwest of Bakhmut. Geolocation footage released on February 9 showed units of the Russian 98th Airborne Division recently advancing in fields west of Bakhmut.
Additional geolocation footage released on February 9 showed Ukrainian forces advancing west of Horlivka (southwest of Bakhmut). --->READ MORE HERE
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