Sunday, February 11, 2024

NY Considering Relaxing Work Qualifications for Thousands of Jobs to Hire Migrants; Easing Work Rules Will Only Make New York’s Migrant Crisis Worse

NY considering relaxing work qualifications for thousands of jobs to hire migrants:
The Empire State is considering relaxing qualifications for thousands of jobs to hire migrants who have legal work status in the US.
New York officials are looking to create “transitional titles” to allow migrants who have received federal work authorization to work in the state workforce, according to a memo being circulated by the state Civil Service Commission and obtained by The Post.
State agencies have identified 4,000 state jobs that could be filled by migrants, according to the memo first reported by Bloomberg News.
Most are “hard-to-recruit, entry-level titles” — and the plan would allow the migrants to skirt requirements like English proficiency or proof of education and previous employment, according to the memo.
“Governor Hochul has prioritized modernizing our State workforce and eliminating red tape, and she has instituted a series of reforms to achieve that goal,” a spokesperson for Hochul wrote in a statement. “This initiative, which has not yet been implemented, would offer temporary employment opportunities that are available for anyone who can legally work in the United States.”
State Department of Civil Service Commissioner Timothy Hogues emphasized that the proposed requirements for migrants were similar to those of existing apprenticeship programs, and that the relaxed rules would apply to all New Yorkers if adopted. --->READ MORE HERE
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Easing work rules will only make New York’s migrant crisis worse:
One more time: Getting legal jobs for illegal migrants is not the answer to New York’s unprecedented migrant crisis.
Yet the state Civil Service Commission is looking to loosen rules to let migrants with federal work authorization take jobs in the state workforce — and skip over unimportant trifles like English proficiency or proof of previous employment.
Even more absurdly, Gov. Kathy Hochul’s office is trying to sell this nonsense as part of a push to modernize the state workforce and eliminate red tape.
Sorry, Gov: This is the opposite of forward-looking reform.
Civil Service Commissioner Timothy Hogues promises that the new rules, if adopted, would apply to all New Yorkers equally.
That is lower standards for all hires. Great.
New York’s overall unemployment rate, at 4.5%, lags the nation’s; the city’s is 5.4% — so it sure seems like these jobs (which Albany is quick to assure us are “hard-to-recruit, entry-level titles”) should be prioritized for legal residents of the state.
Not a growing, gray-zone class of illegal migrants given ever-expanding privileges by progressive lawmakers and administrators. --->READ MORE HERE
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