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UKR Destroys RU Black Sea Fleet Ship Near Crimea; UKR AF Jets Struck Occupied Airbase in Belbek in Crimea; UKR: 66 Combat Clashes, AF Strikes 15 Enemy Clusters-1 Day; RU Loses 1,090 Soldiers, 51 Art Sys, 32 Arm Veh in 1 Day, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

Defense Intelligence of Ukraine/YouTube
WATCH: Ukraine says it destroyed a Russian Black Sea Fleet ship near Crimea:
Ukrainian forces claim to have sunk a Russian Black Sea Fleet warship in Crimea using home-developed naval drones, sharing spectacular footage that appears to show the attack.
Overnight on January 31, special unit "Group 13" attacked the hull of the Ivanovets, a Russian corvette stationed at Lake Donuzlav in north-west Crimea, Defense Intelligence of Ukraine said in a Telegram post on Thursday.
Business Insider was not able to independently verify the claim.
As of Thursday afternoon local time, Russia's Ministry of Defense has not acknowledged the claimed incident and did not immediately respond to BI's request for comment.
Ukraine's Defense Intelligence didn't give details on the exact munitions used in the reported attack, but the footage shared suggests that at least four naval drones were deployed.
The extraordinary footage appears to show the drones' view as they approach the vessel, with one hitting the stern and another leaving what appears to be a large, mangled hole on the port side. That hit is then followed up by another strike.
Footage taken from a distance shows a large explosion on the water.
Later in the footage, the vessel appears to be listing badly, before being completely upended, its bow in the air. --->READ MORE HERE
Ukraine's Air Force Commander says Ukrainian jets struck occupied airbase in Belbek in Crimea:
Lieutenant General Mykola Oleshchuk, Commander of the Ukrainian Air Force, has thanked everyone involved in the attacks on the Belbek airfield in occupied Crimea. Earlier, the occupiers themselves reported the attack.
Source: Oleshchuk on Telegram
Quote: "Did you know that the 204th Sevastopol Tactical Aircraft Brigade is a part of the Ukrainian Air Force? Belbek airfield is its regular base!
The Ukrainian pilots will certainly come back home to their airbase. And right now I am thankful to everyone who has participated in the liberation of Crimea from the presence of the Russians!"
Details: Oleshchuk also published a video of a missile striking a ground target and an explosion. Ukrainska Pravda’s sources in the Ukrainian Armed Forces said the airfield was struck by cruise missiles (either Storm Shadow or Scalp missiles).
  • Explosions were heard in Sevastopol, near Saky, and in Feodosiia, Rozdilne and Hvardiiske in occupied Crimea on the afternoon of 31 January. Russian occupation authorities issued an air-raid warning and suspended traffic on the Crimean bridge. 
  •  Crimean and Russian channels started posting photos and videos of contrails in the sky above Simferopol district.
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