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The Domestic Terrorists of Tomorrow are Blocking Traffic Today: The "cause" is the Process of Finding Those Willing to Kill; Sen. Thom Tillis Attempts Roadblock for Protesters Who Take to the Streets

The Domestic Terrorists of Tomorrow are Blocking Traffic Today:
The "cause" is the process of finding those willing to kill.
After Hamas supporters were caught screaming “shame on you” at children receiving cancer treatment at a Manhattan hospital (“make sure they hear you, they’re in the windows”) some people wondered what they were trying to accomplish.
Questions like that only reveal the vast gap between the pro-Hamas mob and everyone else.
The pro-Hamas protests, allegedly in pursuit of a ceasefire, but in reality celebrating Hamas and now Houthi terrorism, have picked random fights with Starbucks, Christmas Tree lightings and Alec Baldwin to name a few. They are not so much for anything as they are against things.
Reasonable people, usually old school liberals, still don’t understand the Left. And so they also don’t understand what happened to their movement, their party and their country.
Normal people think that protests are about spreading awareness and winning over others, and they don’t grasp why the rioters are spewing hate at them instead of trying to win them over.
The mobs aren’t there to persuade them but to express their hatred for them. The common denominator of all of these riots is a burning desire to destroy everything around them. They’re not shutting down airports or smashing store windows to bring attention to a cause.
Smashing windows and shutting down airports is their cause.
Before Hamas, they were smashing windows for abortion, BLM and Occupy Wall Street, and against the Iraq War and to protest the World Trade Organization. Some of the same men in black who are smashing Starbucks windows now for Gaza were smashing them back in Seattle in the WTO protests of 1999. Before too long they’ll need to retire and collect Social Security.
A quarter century of smashing Starbucks windows clearly has nothing to do with Gaza.
They don’t care about black lives, the lives in Gaza or Iraq, or the lives of the poor: these are just the pretexts that provide them with moral superiority so they feel justified smashing things. --->READ MORE HERE
Travis Long
Sen. Thom Tillis attempts roadblock for protesters who take to the streets:
Sen. Thom Tillis wants to put up a roadblock for protesters by making it a federal crime to literally block streets during demonstrations.
On Monday, Tillis, a Republican from North Carolina, and Sen. Marsha Blackburn, a Republican from Tennessee, announced the Safe and Open Streets Act, which would punish protesters who choose to block roads with fines and up to five years in prison.
“The emerging tactic of radical protesters blocking roads and stopping commerce is not only obnoxious to innocent commuters, but it’s also dangerous and will eventually get people killed,” Tillis said in a news release. “It needs to be a crime throughout the country.”
Tillis’ office added in a written statement that the bill is in direct response to pro-Palestinian protesters who have intentionally blocked streets, in recent months, throughout the United States.
On Monday, hundreds of pro-Palestinian protesters were arrested in New York City after blocking tunnels and bridges into Manhattan, CBS News reported. --->READ MORE HERE
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